"How to create the perfect guy" - actors and the plot of the film

Today we will talk about the film "How to create the perfect guy." Actors are presented below. This is a fantastic family comedy, created in the US in 2014.


how to create the perfect guy actors
First we discuss the plot of the film "How to createthe perfect guy. " Actors will be presented further. Two students, Gabby Harrison and May Hartley, decide to create a boyfriend that would be perfect. However, they did not take into account that the computer they are using is tuned to the development of super-soldier robots.

Key players

Gabby Harrison and May Hartley - the main characters in the film "How to create the perfect guy." Actors C. E. McClain and Kelly Berglund performed these roles. Let's talk about the first in more detail.

Anne McClain is an American actress, andalso a singer and songwriter. Performs with the music group McClain Sisters. The world famous actress brought work on the series "Higher Class", where she played Chinu Parks. "Disney" recorded the soundtrack for this film. In it, China sang six songs solo, as well as two together. I won the 29th place on the Billboard. During the first week, 14,000 copies of this disk were realized. The composition of Calling All the Monsters has turned into a hit. She took the sixth position on the Billboard. In 2012, the album McClain Sisters was recorded. The music director, when he heard several of Chain's songs, advised Rob Hardy to invite her to listen. Tyler Perry drew attention to the actress and offered her cooperation.

Marshall Williams played Albert Banks.

Other heroes

movie actors how to create the perfect guy
Met Harley and Nevi Barnes are also featured in the plotfilm "How to create the perfect guy." Actors M. Shaivli and Ashley Argot performed these roles. Noah Sentineo played Stark. Actors of the film "How to create the perfect guy" R. Bart and Ron Leah embodied the images of Dr. James Hartley and General McPhee. Also in the film were Ieva Lax, Matthew J. Taylor, Christina Fox, Jesse Camacho, Beatrice Euste, Braden Jones, Kevin Alves, Josh Dawson, Helen Jones, Elina Miyake, Chanel Larock, Attila Sibsi, Kevin Prolux.

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