Romance is the whole story of life in a song

What is a romance? Its main characteristics and components, as well as the history of origin and development of the ancient genre. The role of Mikhail Glinka in the development of the Russian romance.

romance is

A beautiful lyrical performance accompanied byLive music has always touched the hearts of listeners and connoisseurs of classics. It's amazing how such a short musical creation can affect the most distant strings of our soul. Romance is an amazing combination of poetry and music, which was found by many admirers. In the melodic-poetic genre distinguish three varieties: barcarole (rhythmic song), elegy (song-meditation), ballad (story song).

Romance is an old genre

His history dates back to the Middle Ages. The very term "romance" originated in medieval Spain. At that time a genre of secular songs appeared, usually it was the poems of famous poets of the Romantic era, laid on music and conveyed deep experiences. By the way, for today the words "romance" and "song" are identical in many languages.

Over time, this musical genre acquired aThe popularity that single works began to be combined into whole vocal cycles. It is symbolic that the first such cycle was created by the genius of world music and the father of the classics is Beethoven. His idea was picked up and continued by no less famous musicians, such as Brahms, Schumann and Schubert.

The main characteristics of the romance

Romance is a musical poem, similar tosong. But still there are significant differences in the very construction of the work. For example, it has absolutely no refrain, or, as it is called, a refrain. Although practice shows that there are exceptions to the rules. It is interesting that the romance is usually performed solo, more rarely - a duet, and almost never - in chorus.

ancient romances

A distinctive feature of this genreis its semantic load. His lines always carry a certain story, which is close to the author and his listeners. It can be an autobiographical story about an unhappy love story, or the author's thoughts on a particular topic of life. Romance is not just a melancholic genre. There are many examples of satirical and funny poetic narratives laid on music.

A little about the Russian romance

After a while, with the appearance in the houses of the wealthypeople musical instruments, the romance leaked and into Russian culture. Perhaps it was inspired by the spirit of Romanticism, which was imbued with the whole of the beginning of the nineteenth century. He came very much to the taste of the demanding audience, and he was instantly picked up by such composers as Varlamov ("You Do not Wake Up At Dawn"), Gurilyov ("The Bell" sounds unintentionally), Alyabyev (The Nightingale). Some of them considered it necessary to introduce into the Russian romance a spirit of freedom and cheerfulness and at the same time allowed the performer to show his vocal data. Accompaniment here - just a background, but organically connected with the poetic basis.

romances of Glinka

It's sad, but in the Soviet era, its culturalthe development stopped because severe censorship believed that the ideology promoted in the romances had a detrimental effect on the working Soviet citizen. The old romances were not welcomed, their themes were considered "decadent". In the trend were patriotic, folk and humorous songs with an unpretentious melody.

Nevertheless, the romances in some of their forms,for example, "urban", continued to exist, passed from mouth to mouth by ordinary people. It is thanks to them over time and there was a long-awaited revival of this genre, which happened in the seventies.

Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka

An invaluable contribution to the history of the Russian romance,Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka. As you know, he wrote more than eighty works of a different direction. Glinka's romances are unique masterpieces, the creation of which can only be achieved by such talented and gifted personalities as Mikhail Ivanovich. His favorite romances were put on the poems of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. He always appreciated good poetry and realized that a true romance without it can not exist.

favorite romances

The most significant work is the opera Ruslan andLyudmila "based on the Pushkin poem of the same name, which was not universally recognized, but revealed the full potential of the composer, and Glinka's famous songs on the poems of the great Russian poet -" I remember a wonderful moment "," I'm here, Inezilia "," The Cup, "" For health, Mary. "

To date, fans worldwideThere are millions of famous genres. Thanks to the love and support of the public, he does not stand still, but with every day develops and moves forward. Of course, no matter how much time passes, the romance will remain one of the leading and most important areas of chamber music.

An increasing number of people find it,something close to him, some kind of outlet in his experiences and problems. It is comforting to know that the romance has not moved back to the background, it continues to be a favorite genre of vocals.

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