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From the middle of the nineteenth century in Russiato create people who madly love their homeland, believe in a people, intelligent and talented, stand for freedom in all its manifestations, oppose the idea of ​​a small man.

One of the classics that touch on profound topics is Leskov.

"The old genius," the analysis of which reveals a deeper meaning of the work than it may seem at first glance, amazes the reader from different sides.

Briefly about the author

Leskov's work "The Old Genius" is one of the most successful works of the writer.

Abstract of the genius Leskov

Nikolai Semenovich Leskov - one of the most popularauthors of Russia. He created stories and novels about the fate of ordinary people. It is impossible to find in his work a lie or hypocrisy, because he wrote about what he was thoroughly aware of. It is interesting that he also wrote in the genre, which is not particularly characteristic for Russian literature - holy stories. The author did not believe in the church, especially after his rapprochement with Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. He ridiculed the vices of the clergy, simply telling the truth. Perfectly aware that his works will not be understood by politicians and writers, he continued to write. At the same time he himself said that he would not show his story "The Midnight" to anyone, will keep it in the locked drawer of the table, because, most likely, no one will understand what he wanted to say.

Great works

However, in the second half of the twentieth century, NicholasSemenovich enters the ranks of recognized authors not only among compatriots, but also foreign connoisseurs. Among his most deserved works are such works as "Nowhere" (1864), "Skirted" (1865), "Islanders" (1866), "At the knives" (1870), "Soboryane" (1872), " "(1874) and The Devil's Dolls, published in 1890.

Leskov story Old genius

Summary of Leskov's "Old Genius"

The old woman trusted the young dandy from Petersburg,because she was well acquainted with his mother, a decent woman. Therefore, she lent him a large sum of money. For this she had to deposit her estate on bail. She was sure that money will be returned to her, but several years pass, and the debtor is never announced. The old woman has to go in search of him. She comes to St. Petersburg, where the court makes a decision on which the debtor is obliged to repay the debt. Only for this he had to hand in a paper with a receipt. Frant had many high and revered patrons, and so no one dared to give him the paper. Later it becomes known that the dandy lives with his mistress, but is registered in a lucrative home, and there is no way to deliver the document to the address. The old woman is desperate, because not only she lives in the house, but her sick daughter with her granddaughter. People understand that what is happening is unfair, everyone is very sorry for the old woman, but nobody can help.

Leskov's work The Old Genius
However, there is a man who called himself a genius,who requests 500 rubles for help. And the dandy with her rich lady, meanwhile, goes on a journey. Genius in the person of the volunteer negotiates with the Serbian battler, the debtor is stopped on the day of departure, he must introduce himself, after which he is immediately handed a paper. The whole point is that now he can not go abroad, if he does not pay the debt, which he has to do. When the summary of Leskov's "Old Genius" is read, it becomes clear that the master of the word managed to show by the example of the case only the non-transparency of the judicial system, the optional enforcement of laws for high-ranking officials and people who occupy a prominent place in society.

About the appearance of the masterpiece

Love for Russia inspired the author to learn everythingmore and more new about it and display your thoughts on paper. Nikolai Semenovich served as a scribe in court for several years. He was well versed in the bureaucratic component of the judicial system, saw its weak and strong sides, the impossibility of a simple man without high-ranking patrons to defend the truth in front of modern law. The writer explained to us the situation in which any of us may be. We can realize how large the inequality of citizens was before the court, as well as find out what the author wanted to convey to us, just by reading a short summary of Leskov's "Old Genius". It, like the full version of the work, makes you think about the essential topics, as well as rethink certain things.

Leskov Old genius reviews

Important details

In the story, the author describes the story, with oneside, typical, about inequality and bureaucracy, on the other - interesting and thoughtful, about the heroes with original character traits. The old lady, for example, is kind to everyone, she does not want harm even to the person who acted meanly with her. For it, laws and officials are not important, because it is simple enough to not bother with conventions. Before the "old genius" is the task - to catch the swindler, and he, using all his experience, logic and cunning, develops a plan. The image of the debtor is caught from trifles.

Leskov Old genius analysis
It is an egoistic and narcissistic personality,otherwise how could he do this to people? He is unable to earn honest work, he wants to spend his whole life having fun. Leskov (the story "The Old Genius") shows us how the brain of the former official works, what are some people from the younger generation who do not want to do anything, but only get ready, without straining at all.

The composition of the story

The idea is that a small person is vulnerable beforecorrupt bureaucrats. The author argues that if the state is not able to protect people, to ensure their rights and the implementation of laws, then people should do it themselves. The plot itself is based on the observer's stories about what is happening. There are multiple artistic techniques, which from time to time create the effect of tragicomedy. An interesting feature is that the author is the protagonist of the work, as described in the summary of Leskov's "Old Genius". He feels sympathy for the old woman, wants to help her somehow, but does not believe that she will be able to achieve the truth, because he just gives her some money. It is interesting that such a happy outcome falls just on the Christmas holiday. This is hardly an accident, because the author really believes in the spiritual principle inherent in every person.

Unbeknowned Leskov

"The old genius" (critics' reviews confirm this)displayed a truthful picture of what was happening. It traces both positive and negative traits characteristic of a Russian person. The author showed the full depth of man's talent. With the irony and sharpness of his utterances, he described the class of officials, all their reluctance to work, to bring to the state and the people at least some benefit.

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