Do you know why Gerasim drowned Mumu?

Turgenev's story "Mumu" struck the whole audience,which he read. No one could understand why Gerasim drowned Mumu. All the readers of this picture and to this day brings to tears. It's been 155 years since the story was written, but it's only worth mentioning how the horrible scene comes to mind. It was noticed that the population who read Turgenev's story really cares about the question: "Why did Gerasim drown Mumu?" Really, why? After all, Gerasim loved Mumu, she was an irreplaceable and faithful friend to him! There are lots of answers and assumptions, we will consider some of them.

why gerasim drowned the mum

The main thing is the plot. The story is read in one breath, everything goes easily and at ease. The reader has a feeling of compassion for Gerasim, who is deprived of his destiny. But the deaf-mute janitor in a capricious and arrogant lady had a large and sympathetic heart. And the main character meets a dog, which begins to love with all his soul. The dog becomes the only real friend of Gerasim. What happens then? Why did Gerasim drown Mumu? According to the story, the lady ordered her servant to get rid of the dog. First, Mumu is kidnapped, but she bites the ropes and returns to the master, and the second time she is ordered to kill. And for this mission, none other than Gerasim himself undertakes. After Gerasim drowned Mumu in the river, he leaves the lady in the village.

Actually, the question arises: "Why Gerasim drowned Mumu?". He could easily go with her to the village. Some suspect that this is a life-attitude, brought up by the serfdom - in the sense that there is no need to riot, it is necessary to fulfill the order and live on. Others say that Turgenev went through life with the phrase Oscar Wilde "We always kill those we love." Still others believe that Turgenev himself was an honest, decent man, and if he had been ordered to do something like that, he would have done without thinking.

gerasim mumu

There is a version that Turgenev wrote a story,between the lines of which was embodied a biblical story, telling about Abraham and Isaac. This is a story about how God orders Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham is already in his old age, he understands that he will not have more children and he loves his son Isaac too much. Contrary to all this, Abraham and his son go to the mountain, so that his father would sacrifice him. Very similar to the story of Gerasimom and Mumu. In the role of Abraham appears Gerasim, and in the role of Isaac - Mumu; The lady is represented in the role of God. One way or another, there is a similarity, and you can think about it.

why gerasim drowned the mum

Why Gerasim drowned Mumu, for todaycan not understand how the great philologists, and all the readers of Turgenev. The work is quite cruel and unfair. Such a prose not every adult can stand, but children even more so. After all, in the center of the plot - two friends, and one of them kills the other. Mumu believed Gerasimu, she escaped from thieves to him. The dog would have given life for his master, but he decided to get rid of it in this way. It is interesting that Gerasim was still, will be punished or not, if he disobeys. The main thing was to fulfill the order! He did it without even thinking. A profound philosophy of this work will be worried by more than one generation of readers.

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