The image of Masha Troyekurova in the novel "Dubrovsky" - an example of loyalty and nobility

Virtually all female images in worksPushkin presented in one perspective. These are young girls who are beautiful and smart. The image of Masha Troyekurova in the novel "Dubrovsky" - is no exception. The girl has all of the above characteristics, and also has a noble personality.

The image of Masha Troyekurova in the novel "Dubrovsky"

A novel with a sequel

We all still from the school program, I rememberthe famous Pushkin's work "Dubrovsky". This is a novel about two young people who love each other. When it was created, Pushkin relied on a story based on real events.

In the work Vladimir avenges his father, sets fire toestate and embarks on the path of a robber. But the fate of evil and Dubrovsky falls in love with the daughter of his enemy. Masha's father, landowner Troyekurov, makes the second mistake: he gives his daughter in marriage against her will for the old prince. Vladimir parted with his dream and went abroad.

The female image in the novel

The image of Masha Troyekurova in the novel "Dubrovsky"occupies a central place. Marya Kirillovna was left without motherly affection early. Her educators were a beautiful Russian nature, fairy tales told by a nanny, and French novels. The heroine has acquired such character traits as meekness, dreaminess and sensitivity. She revered her father, so she could not contradict him.

The image of Masha Troyekurova in the novel "Dubrovsky" is notis collective. This is the first step in the creation of the main female image of Pushkin - Tatyana Larina. To approach the disclosure of his main character, Alexander Sergeevich demonstrates to the readers the birth of the Russian female soul, he realizes it with the help of the peculiar nature of the daughter of the landowner.

What so conquers the girl in a retired lieutenant? Nobility, courage, the complete opposite of power and cruel natures, like his father. The main thing for a well-bred girl was the spiritual wealth of a person. That's why Masha reached out to Vladimir with all her heart, feeling an incredible spiritual intimacy with this man.

The attitude of Dubrovsky to Masha Troekurova

Feelings of the hero

And what is Dubrovsky's attitude toward Masha Troekurova? Reading the work, from chapter to chapter, comes the conviction that Vladimir is in love with her. He risks his life, making his way into the landlord's house, fighting the bear. He can be exposed at any moment, but the desire to be close to the object of his love justifies all his actions.

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin shows the attitudeDubrovsky to Masha Troekurova in the development of the plot. From the very first meeting he shows a feeling of indifference, then there will be love, and only later he will learn to understand his heart.

What does he do in the name of his love? Refuses revenge once and for all. Vladimir explains it very simply: the walls in which Masha lives are sacred to him.

Pushkin's love story Masha Troyekurova sobuilt by the author, that at the end of the novel the reader is waiting for her to continue. And this is not accidental, since the author made notes in his manuscripts, continuing the story of two loving hearts.

Love gives rise to better feelings

Love story Masha Troyekurova

All the chapters of the novel are devoted to uncovering the plotline, and the formation of the characters of the protagonists of the work. Thanks to a strong love, the best features are born in the head of Vladimir Dubrovsky. It was this feeling that made him give up the desire to take revenge on his enemy.

Noble follower of Robin Hood Vladimirbecame much cleaner and better, having met Masha. The main heroine, a beautiful, delicate, vulnerable girl, was brought up in the family of her father, who loved her in his own way, sometimes spoiling. But the power of his nature did not allow him to show his paternal feelings and love.

The nature of Masha Troyekurova was formed underthe power of impermanence of desires and the behavior of his father. And, nevertheless, from the fragile girl turned out a determined, with a strong character and convictions, an ardent woman.

Pushkin's characters are real people. The reader believes them unconditionally, loves and cherishes every meeting with them.

Careful attitude to Pushkin

And most importantly, what I want to say, a novel"Dubrovsky" gives a unique opportunity to touch the work of a genius. After all, the work was written by a classic of Russian literature, he breathed into his heroes a piece of himself. Half a year leafing through page after page of his novel, he managed to create an immortal work, on which continue to educate more than one generation of readers.

Pushkin is brief, precise and incredibly simple in his abilitythe disclosure of their heroes. The reader has the opportunity to independently characterize the heroes who have fallen in love. The author does not give his estimates. The emergence of personality occurs in the eyes of the reader, making him a participant in all the events that are taking place.

The nature of Masha Troyekurova

The image of Masha Troyekurova in the novel "Dubrovsky" -It is an example of high morality and a developed sense of duty. She makes a promise in the face of God, so she can not break the word. Honor and duty to her above all else. It's sad, but admirable. Marriage, family, uttered words of vows, observance of moral laws - this is worth learning from the current youth.

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