"Amityville Horror": actors, story, reviews

In 2005, a remake of the same name horror was released"Amityville Horror" in 1979. Another initial version attracted the public by the fact that the film was based on real events. Despite criticism of experts, "Amityville Horror" has become one of the most successful projects of the year. For 25 years, several sequels were removed, but work on a full-fledged restart did not begin. Only in 2004 the production company Platinum Dunes showed interest in the project. The director was Andrew Douglas, for whom the "Amityville Horror" was the first major project.

Features of the film

Remake in many respects differs from classicalof the film "Horror of Amityville". The actors who played the Latsov children are much younger than in the original version, and the names of their characters do not match. In the original of 1979, the evil that settled in the house acted on all its inhabitants. But the dark forces worked only on George Lutz and, to a much lesser extent, on Chelsea Lutz in the new film "Amityville Horror". The actors (2005), who played the members of the Defoe family, received the minimum amount of screen time in the film.

Despite the great possibilities in terms of visual effects, the film turned out, as the viewers and critics note, not as creepy as the original version.


The actors of the movie "Horror Amityville" in 2005 werethey were selected by the producers of the film after a short film test. The role of George Lutz went to Ryan Reynolds, his wife Kathy - Melissa George, then known as the embodiment of the characters in the second plan. The role of the daughter of Latsov Chelsea was chosen eight-year-old Chloe Moretz, for which the debut in the big cinema, as for director Andrew Douglas, is associated with the picture "Horror Amityville." Actors Jesse James and Jimmy Bennett played Billy and Michael Latsov. Isabelle Connor played Jodie Defeo - a little girl, shot by her own brother, who can not find peace in any way.

"Amityville Horror" actors

The character Ronald Defeo paid only a fewminutes of screen time. The role was played by Brendan Donaldson, the most famous films in his career - "Ice Harvest" and "Amityville Horror." Actors were chosen for the most part beginners, only Ryan Reynolds was at that time a star.

Actors of the film "Horror Amityville"

The further career of the creators of the painting

Actress Chloe Grace Moret can consider "HorrorAmityville "is a real breakthrough in her career, as it was her first notable role." At the moment, Chloe is one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood. "Among the latest projects with her participation is a fantastic action film" 5th Wave ", a horror film" Telekinesis "on the motifs of Stephen King's novel, the thriller The Great Leveler.

"Amityville Horror" actors 2005

For director Andrew Douglas "Amityville Horror" and remained the most notable film in film career. In 2013, he made a thriller "Do you want me to kill him?", Which was not successful at the box office.

After the release of the film "Horror Amityville"actors Jimmy Bennett and Jesse James have acquired a certain, though not deafening, fame. Jimmy Bennett is familiar to fans of horror for the role of Daniel in the movie "Child of Darkness" and several characters in the background. Jesse James is mostly involved in small roles, the most notable of which is young Mark in the Dag Lyman thriller "Teleport".

Good box office brought the picture "Horror Amityville" actors Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. They managed not only to get used to the images of their characters, but also to make a beautiful screen couple.

Project "Horror of Amityville" (2005) actors,famous and beginners involved in the shooting, will be remembered as an important part of their career. For Ryan Reynolds, this was the first role in the horror, which showed the public his talent on the other side. Also this picture helped to reveal to three young actors, who played the children of the four Latsov.

"The Horror of the Amityville" movie 2005 actors

Critics' comments, box office

In general, "Amityville Horror" (film 2005), actors,direction and script were not highly appreciated by critics. On the site Rotten Tomatoes the film was called a mediocre remake of a mediocre original, and the Metacritic site gave the picture 33 points out of 100.

In the New York Times it was noted thatremake turned out somewhat more successful than the original, due to visual effects. Also in the Times it was noted that the director managed to create a depressing and frightening atmosphere of a gloomy house, where evil was hidden in the walls.

The director of the picture "Horror of Amityville," actors,involved in it, did not receive any awards. Rachel Nichols, who played a small role as Lisa's nanny, was nominated for an MTV channel award in the category "Best Actress of a Thriller or Horror", but she never got it.

With a very modest budget ($ 19 million)the picture only in the US collected 65 million dollars, and worldwide - 108 million Despite decent boxing fees for horror, the sequel of the picture has not yet been planned.

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