The series "Black cats": actors. "Black cats": reviews

In 2013 on the screens there was a detective serial "Black cats" which has subdued spectators not only the interesting plot, the big influence on success of a film was rendered also by talented actors. "Black cats" carry the viewer into the post-war gangster years, and the action takes place in the scenery of Rostov-on-Don. On which trajectory does the story develop and who plays the main roles in the detective story?

The creators of the series. Short story

In the center of the plot of the detective series "Blackcat "- investigation of a robbery of a food warehouse in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The investigation is led by Major Egor Dragoon, who is sure that behind this whole "dark" history there are not ordinary thieves, but rather serious criminals. Yegor Dragan will have to apply all his skill and ingenuity to cope with banditry in his hometown.

actors black cats
A multi-part film that was broadcast on"The first channel", I liked the viewer, not only because good actors played in it. "Black cats" - a series, which was also put a good director. The project was handled by Eugene Lavrentiev, who in 2011 worked on a very popular series "Amazon".

The script was written by Vladimir Semenov. He knows about the criminal cases not by hearsay: from 1995 to 2013, Semenov made many episodes for the documentary film "Criminal Russia" (a broadcast on NTV was broadcast).

"Black cats": actors and roles. Pavel Derevyanko in the role of the chief of the BSC

For the success of the film, in addition to the fascinating plot, it is important to involve in the project of "right" performers. In the series Eugene Lavrentiev were invited very good actors.

"Black cats" became a kind of experimentfor the comedian Pavel Derevianko. Shurik from the comedy "Love Me", Vadik from the series "Plot", Shurenberg from the film "Hitler, Caput!" And lieutenant Rzhevsky from the tape "Rzhevsky against Napoleon" - it is these roles that the actors learn about the actors. Over the characters that Paul plays, it's impossible not to laugh.

black cat actors

In the detective "Black Cats" Derevyanko suddenlyhave offered a serious role. Of course, this choice was risky. But, on the other hand, Paul already played in dramas and criminal films - such as "Ice Age" with Alexander Abdulov, "Penalty" with Alexei Serebryakov and "Fight with the Shadow" with Denis Nikiforov. On examples of many projects, the actor was able to prove that he looks equally convincingly in both serious and comic tapes.

In "Black cats" Paul Derevyanko got the rolechief of the department to combat banditry - Major Egor Dragoon, who seriously intends to resist the growing crime in the city. Having united with colleagues from the military procurators, Yegor Petrovich begins to pursue numerous city gangs.

Dragoon suspects that behind all seriouscrimes committed in Rostov-on-Don, there is something more than just crime. His suspicions are justified: in the final of the film it turns out that in the city, to all other things, German saboteurs are operating.

Pavel Trubiner as Colonel of the MGB

The series "Black Cats", the actors and roles of which are soremembered to the audience, became for the actor Pavel Trubiner the next series, in which he plays the role of a policeman. The actor often appears before the viewer in the form of a military or MVD representative: in the series "Grach" Trubiner played Major MV Grachev, in the series "Death to Spies" - Senior Lieutenant Terekhov, in the series "Together Forever" - police major, etc. And in "Black cats" Trubiner got the role of a colonel from the central apparatus of the MGB - Pavel Burov, who is sent to the city of Rostov-on-Don with a "special" mission.

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In 2016 Four premieres are immediately expected with the participation of the actor. In two films he will star. In the drama "The Fantasy of the White Nights" Paul will appear in the frame with Elizaveta Boyarska, the speech in the film will be about the life of the artists of the Leningrad ballet during the Cold War. And in the series "The Second Sight" Trubiner will again play the role of a policeman - investigator of the slaughter department of Tikhonov.

Marina Konyashkina as a doctor Demidova

The actors of "Black Cats" are mostly stars of television films. Marina Konyashkina is one hundred percent serial actress.

Marina made her debut in the Belarusian war movie"Deep Current", playing the main character - Hope. Then the actress began to act actively in the series: she can be seen in the detective "The Protection of Krasin 2", in the comedy "Camomile, Cactus, Marguerite", melodramas "Alexander" and "It Happens Better". In "Black Cats" Marina plays doctor Darya Demidova.

Evgeny Sidikhin as Kuplenov

In the series "Black Cats" actors playing the maincharacters, are employees of law enforcement bodies and hunt for spies and thugs. Quite a different role went to the famous Russian actor Yevgeny Sidikhin - in a detective film he played the first secretary of the regional committee of Prokhor Kuplenov.

actors of the series black cats
Eugene Sidikhin came to the cinema in 1989. at the age of 25 years. Before that, the actor fought in Afghanistan. The military tests sent by fate affected Sidikhin's future career: during his whole life he was shot mostly in military and criminal films, his characters had a wonderful weapon and were able to stand up for themselves. The reason that such an image took hold of the actor is obvious: he knew how to wear a military uniform and shoulder straps, knew for sure what a person feels in the war - no matter he is fighting with bandits or mujahideen.

In the filmography of the actor you can find such films as "Russian Transit", "Behind the Last Line", "Operation Lucifer", "Wolf Blood", "Bandit Petersburg" and many others.

Olga Lomonosova as secretary Antonova

Pavel Derevyanko and Yevgeny Sidikhin are not the only actors known in the project. "Black cats" - a tape that is included in the filmography of another popular actress - Olga Lomonosova.

black cat actors and roles
Olga saw the audience after the role of Kira inlong-playing TV series "Do not be born beautiful." Lomonosov and the filmmakers also noticed: she regularly received proposals after this project to play a major role. Center characters Olga plays in the series "Killer Whale", "Masha", "Indian Kingdom" and "45 seconds". In the movie "Black Cats" the actress played the secretary of Prokhor Kupleonov.

Other performers of roles

The actors of the series "Black Cats" are Yegor Barinov, who also played in the "Marina Grove" and "Fizruk", and Andrei Smirnov, who starred in the Moscow Saga and Belorussky Railway Station.

series black cats actors and roles

In the series you can see Igor Savochkin ("FiveBride "," Silent Outpost "), Mikhail Khmurov (" The Method of Laurel "), Alexei Komashko (" Method "," Warrior "), stuntman Alexei Samokhvalov, Oleg Simonenko (" Light and shadow of the lighthouse "), Alexander Suvorov (" Legends ("Marrying Casanov", "Division 44"), Pskovian actor Victor Stepanyan, Odessa actor Yegor Karelsky, Alexander Rudko ("Share Your Happiness"), Semen Treskunov ("The Ghost"), and many others.

"Black cats": actors and roles, reviews

On the website of kino-teatr by voting resultsThe 267 person series has an estimate of 7.5 stars out of 10 possible. The same rating for the movie on the site kinopoisk. Thus, we can conclude that the audience is interested in watching what is happening on the screen.

black cats and actors reviews
As the main advantage of the picturethe audience notes a dashingly twisted plot. But just this quality of the film some viewers consider a drawback of the "Black cats": they say that the writers have "made too much" - you do not understand what's going on at the end of the film.

Someone managed to abstract and see Pavel Derevyanko in a new role. However, separately taken viewers could not disconnect from the past roles of the actor and ironically perceived his actor's experiment.

But in general, lovers of detectives were satisfied. Of the ten spectators, six speak positively about the film. And only some categorically do not advise watching a "pathetic parody" for the film "The meeting place can not be changed," which was combined with "Liquidation." The final opinion about the detective "Black Cats" can be made only by looking at him personally.

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