Biography of Pushkin Oksana - the story of one journalist

Today's star of Russian televisionchose the journalist profession not by accident. Her mother has always worked on television, so to be surprised that after school the girl entered the Leningrad University at the Faculty of Journalism, it is not necessary. However, the biography of Pushkin Oksana contains information that in her childhood she had great abilities for both sports and music. And already at the age of ten I was a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics!

Biography of Pushkin Oksana
If it were not for my mother, the biography of Pushkin Oksana would have developed differently, but her influence and the desire of the future journalist to always express her opinion determined her fate.

According to the star itself, the first disappointmentin her life was the divorce of her parents, which happened when she had just become a student. She was torn between her mother and father, who accused each other of all their sins and both were unhappy. When the father had a new family and a child, Oksana and it all had to be bad. She had to go to work as a cleaner for dairy! Perhaps the biography of Pushkin Oksana would have developed completely differently, if then it broke down, but it defeated circumstances and itself. Recalling today that difficult period, Oksana claims that she is very glad that he was. The "well-fed" childhood and the care of parents could not give her the kind of hardening, which was then useful to her in life.

Oksana Pushkina, biography, husband
On the fourth year a novice journalistbecomes the wife of the then-known television presenter Vladislav Konovalov. For twenty years he was younger than Oksana Pushkin. Biography, a husband who was present for 27 years, was not rich in men. Oksana respected and loved her husband, despite the presence in his life of the second woman and family, about which she knew. The second time the host married in late 2012. This time, her chosen one was a man much younger than her. Alexei Shirokih is an ordinary bank employee, which does not prevent the spouses from being truly happy.

Oksana Pushkina, biography
About personal happiness and family is best in Russiatelevision knows Oksana Pushkin. Her biography would not be complete without mentioning the program "Women's stories of Oksana Pushkina." This program was born under the sensitive authorship of the journalist on the ORT channel in 1997 and was published continuously for two years. After the conflict with the channel's leadership, Oksana was forced to leave for NTV, where her "stories" came out until this year.

Not so long ago, Pushkin returned to "native" ORT,where today it can be seen in the program "I submit for divorce." The best interlocutor and listener of Russian television knows from her own experience all the "delights" of the divorce - has gone through her own and still sadly recalls the break in relations between her parents. Her sincerity, kindness and generosity to emotions attract millions of grateful TV viewers to the TV screens, whose support and love enabled her to become a laureate of the Olimpia prize. It is given to famous women who have made significant progress in their field of activity. And about this, of course, and testifies to the biography of Oksana Pushkina.

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