Dorofeeva Tatiana: biography, personal life and career on TV

Dorofeeva Tatyana is a comedy actress with a memorable appearance. Do you want to know where she was born and studied? In which TV projects participated? We are happy to talk about this.

Dorofeyeva Tatiana

Tatyana Dorofeeva: biography. Childhood and youth

She was born on April 27, 1978 in the village of Podosinovets, in the Kirov region. She is from a simple family with a modest income.

From an early age, Tanya showed love for the scene. At first the girl arranged home concerts for her parents and neighbors. Then she went to school, where she participated in all amateur competitions.

After receiving secondary education, the girl wentin Perm. There she easily managed to enter the Institute of Culture. The teacher and mentor of Tatyana was Viktor Afanasievich Il'ev. He saw in her talent and creative perspectives.

Performances on stage

An active and resourceful student was taken to the local KVN team. Tanya 100% cope with the tasks assigned to her.

Tatiana Dorofeyeva actress

In 2001, many of you could see Dorofeevon the games of KVN. She acted as a member of the team "Dobryanka" (Perm). The girl tried on herself the image of a rough and slightly blunt country woman. The number with her participation turned out ridiculous and believable. The audience thanked the participants of the Perm team with loud applause.

In 2003, Tatyana Dorofeeva received a diploma ingraduation from the university. She settled in one of the Perm theaters. However, I quickly lost interest in this work. She wanted to participate in the filming of movies and TV shows.

"Country in shope"

In 2005, our heroine moved to Moscow. She rented a room in a communal apartment and started running around the various castings. Tanya offered only participation in extras and small projects. But the girl was happy and that. Dorofeyeva believed that her finest hour would surely come.

In February 2013, the channel TNT came out with a sketchwith the amusing title "Country in the shop." And Tanya took part in it. The shooting took place in a large shopping center. For each actor, several images were fixed. Who played Tatiana Dorofeeva? Her first image - a harsh boss of animators. Especially for this role, the actress was dressed in a trouser suit. No makeup and stylish hairstyles.

The second image, which tried on ourheroine, is a provincial woman from Tula. She was surprised at everything that was being sold at the mall. Tanya also played the role of the wife of the most honest seller of Svyatoslav.

Country in shope

Together with Marina Bochkareva they played twogirlfriends, crazy for shopping. These characters constantly quarreled over the gear and food. As luck would have it, the goods that the girls wanted to buy were in a piece. And for him was a real battle.

Participation in the show Comedy Woman

Tanya Dorofeeva's cooperation with TNT channel is notlimited to shooting in a humorous show "Country in shope". She also starred in the following TV projects: "Happy Together", "Friendship of Peoples" and "Fizruk."

In the autumn of 2014, editors of the show Comedy Woman contacted Tatyana and offered to become his permanent participant. Our heroine, without thinking twice, agreed.

In the show it was introduced gradually. For the first time she appeared in the program "Kamedi Vumen" in the 7th season, which was launched in October 2014. Dorofeeva Tatiana successfully got used to the image of the person on duty, who is following the order in the toilet. Then the actress "retrained" in the cleaner, who dreams about the stage and the people's glory. This character has irrepressible energy and cool temper. She is even a little afraid of Natalia Andreevna herself.

Many viewers liked the active and restless cleaning lady. In one of the issues she locked Nadenka in the toilet to go to the stage and perform in her place.

Tatiana Dorofeeva biography

If you think that in this show Tanya only playscleaner, you are mistaken. She happened to try on several images. In the "School of Banquet Leaders" Dorofeeva brilliantly performed the role of toastmaster. That's not all. The number "Indian Heart" was also successful.

Tatyana quickly joined the team. Other participants appreciate it and respect it. A veteran of the project Marina Fedunkiv is an old friend and countrywoman of our heroine. So moral support to it is provided.

Personal life

Tatyana Dorofeeva is an actress with an attractive appearance and a good sense of humor. Many Russian men dream of such a woman. But do they have even the slightest chance?

Actress was officially never married. She has no children. However, she does not suffer from loneliness. In his youth, Tanya often broke into stormy novels. Dorofeeva built the first serious relationship at the age of 25. Tatiana madly loved a man, was going to marry him. But fate decreed in its own way. The couple broke up. The girl was worried for a long time because of this. She did not want to hear about the new relationship.

And yet there was one who cured her woundeda heart. Today Tatiana is in a civil marriage with her beloved man. Unfortunately, his name, surname and occupation were not disclosed. The actress does not want to let journalists and strangers into her personal life. And it does the right thing.


We told about what creative successes Dorofeyeva Tatyana achieved. Let's wish her family happiness and success in her career!

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