Dubov, "The Boy at the Sea": a brief summary. "The boy at the sea": retelling the story for the readers diary

In this article we will give you the famous work of Nikolai Dubov, more precisely, its brief content. "The boy by the sea" is easily readable in chapters in our exposition.

boy at the sea

The story tells that parentsSashuk's boys gather together with a fishermen's brigade at sea. From what he sees, it becomes even difficult to breathe. The boy examines the shore and sees a booth on a trellised high tower, next to it there is a pier, from which a rubber-like long ribbon rises on the posts to the shore.

Steep brine

This tape is a conveyor - caughtthe fish is sent to the salting shop. Part of her tape on the dock is hidden in an iron big box, where fishermen fall asleep with fish. ZHorka starts sorting the fish, which Sashuka teaches.

Ignat Prikhodko noted the absence of a puppy, whichyou can learn by reading this summary. "The boy at the sea" is an entertaining narrative, which further describes how Sashuk goes to the sea, followed by Zhorka, telling that he was in prison for five years for beating a tyrant boss. The boy hears the word as "samorduy." This chapter contains a brief summary. "The boy at the sea" (for the reader's diary in this article there is enough information) this does not end there.

boy at the seaside for a readers' diary

The night Watch

They became friends. Жорка has told, that with standing on coast of a tower frontier guards look out for infringers. Having woken up at night, Sashuk goes to the tower, where he realizes that the dead fascists could have stayed in this place. And it becomes even more frightening for him that he realizes that he was alone in the middle of the night.

Read on briefly. "The Boy at the Sea" is a story in which the events unfold as follows: the border guards notice the panic that began at the fishing barracks due to Sashuk's absence and is passed on to his mother. The child understands that he will have a pillow in the morning.


My father wiped the boy by the ears in the morning, but Sashukuwas ashamed of the fact that the fishermen laughed at him. They sit near the bench, drinking red wine. Zhorka, seeing the child, takes him to a barrack, where he gives him a huge glass ball, overgrown with shells and wrapped in a net. Zhorka calls him "cook", explaining that it is a float from a huge fishing net.

boy by the sea

Sashuk, hiding a gift under the couch, senton the shore, where he sees a strange man in a colored shirt, shorts, a panama, wearing glasses with very thick glasses and a beard. Noticing a boy, he begins to talk with him about what you can learn by reading this short summary. "The boy at the sea" is a story in which human destinies are strangely intertwined. It will soon become clear what place this person will take in the life of the child. The boy asks why he wears a beard. The man says that he is an astrologer, and they can not without a beard. This man actually turned out to be an astrophysicist, who brought his family on vacation.


We continue to learn the summary. "The boy at the sea" is a story that goes on to say that Anusya is coming to the astronomer-his daughter, and Sashuk has a friend. Anusya is completely different from Nekrasov's throaty, broken girls. It is supposedly from a different world, with white skin. Friends begin to run along the coast. This fun breaks the mother of Anousi, forbidding her daughter to communicate with the "dirty boy."

a boy at the sea of ​​oaks for a readers' diary

Sashuk from anger and great resentment beginspull the jellyfish ashore, dreaming to impose a "malicious aunt" on them. Anusya soon joins him, who asks her not to take offense, because she has a huge number of petty-bourgeois prejudices. The girl manages to smear clothes in the grease around the conveyor.

The orange god

But this does not end our shortcontent. "The boy at the sea" (for the reader's diary useful information) - a story about the interesting fate of one child. As it turned out, Sashuk used to live with his grandmother, who forced him to pray. She told the child that God punishes everything and sees everything. Babka died six months ago, after which the boy was taken to her parents.

Sasha's faith in God is replaced by faith in cars. The boy is sure that cars are living beings living their own secret life. He still met only trucks, but today he discovered a miracle - a stunning orange "Moskvich". This miracle belongs to the very star. Sashuk from the fullness of feelings begins to wipe the shirt on the wheel cap. Anusya does not lag behind him, after which her dress became even dirtier.

Stargazer and his wife find them behind this occupation. The girl from the mother gets scolded. Sashuk again takes offense, but from an orange miracle he can not leave. Noticing the offense of the child, the astrologer permits him to drive by car. His wife is extremely unhappy, because she believes that a child may be sick.

boy at the sea in three words

Our food

Mother did not get out of bed in the morning. She calls Sashuk, gives him a key from the pantry and asks for a dinner. But the child does not know how to cook at all, and his mother leads them off the bed. Further in the story "The Boy at the Sea" it is said that in the storeroom there is an art lard. The child really wants to take a piece, but he forbids himself to even think about it and cuts off just enough for the porridge, and cuts himself and Beams only on a piece of bread.

Sasha's father is puzzled. In the nearby village there lives a paramedic, but there is nothing for him to take his wife to. The porridge turned out to be very bitter and steep, but it seems incredibly tasty to a small cook.


Sashuk after lunch helps ZHorka wash the boiler,after which she runs to her mother. That is even worse, and the child becomes sad. She lets go of her son, after which he goes to look at the car of the astrologer. Returning to his hut, Sashuk meets his father - he was on the collective farm, but did not get the car.

boy from the sea by chapters

But the boy at the sea suddenly found an orange car and ran along with his father to meet the astrologer. Mom is laid neatly in the back seat, the dad sits in front, after which the car leaves.


My mother was taken to the hospital. Instead, Ignat took it. Sashuk goes to the astrologer in the morning and sees that they are leaving. The boy farewell Anus gives his treasure - kuchtytyl. She is happy, but her mother takes the gift and throws it aside. There the cook hit the iron scraper and crashed. Something broke with him in the heart of the boy. He becomes incredibly bitter, although all the insult of the child is not able to convey this summary.

"The Boy at the Sea" (Dubov) for the readers' diary: kugut

Says the bias to help away from the insult. Ignat is in charge of the barracks, and the child asks him to cut himself and Beems bread. Ignat gives them a small piece of bread and says that feeding a puppy is a pampering.

boy at the sea

From the catch comes a brigade. Fishermen sort the fish. Puppy likes the fuss that happens around. He joyfully runs and gets Ignat under his feet. The new-found cook is angry - he with all his strength kicks Beams, and he falls into the water from the dock and sinks. When a puppy is caught, he is already dying. The boy calls the offender "the damned kugut".

Fishermen at dinner note that the new cookThe porridge turned out to be fresh and tasteless - there is very little fat in it. To which Ignat replies that there are very few of them left. Zhorka wants to search the trunk of Ignat, who turns pale, saying that the fat that is lying with him, he brought from home. Ivan Danilovich, the brigadier, expels him from the artel.

Fishermen again go to sea. The child remains alone. Swiftly darkens, stars appear in the sky, but the boy does not notice them - he is asleep.

This concludes this brief summary. "The boy at the sea" (in three words, of course, it is impossible to convey all the emotions that you experience when reading the book) - the story of such a different and often unpredictable life. We hope this article will give you a complete idea of ​​this work.

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