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Johnny Galaki - talented and charmingAmerican actor, who gained popularity thanks to the shooting in the comedy TV series The Big Bang Theory. On the actor's account for more than four dozen films, he plays both secondary and major roles. Johnny discovered a love of acting as a child, and started acting in the teenage years. Today Galakie continues to please fans with new interesting works, actively removed both in TV projects and in films.

Childhood actor

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Johnny Galakey was born in the Belgian town of BreApril 30, 1975. He is an American, like his parents, but lived in Belgium for up to three years. In this country, the family moved because of the service of Richard Galaki, which he passed in the US Air Force. Mary Lou, Johnny's mother, was a mortgage consultant. Irish, Polish and Italian blood flows in the veins of Galaki. He is a senior in the family, the actor has sister Allison and brother Nick.

Theatrical experience

The actor's talent for Galakie was revealed inearly childhood. At the age of seven, the boy was already performing at the prestigious Chicago Goodman Theater. At the age of 11, he performed so well in his role in the play "Wedding Party" that the young talent was nominated for an honorable award. At the age of 12, Johnny decided for himself that he would devote his life to cinema.

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Film acting career

The debut in the movie took place still in the teenageage in the film "One night from the life of Jimmy Reardon." In 1989, the young man got a role in the film "Christmas Holidays". He so wanted to appear in the film, that he recorded the sample on film. Producers were impressed by the perseverance, perseverance and talent of the young talent. Disclose the versatility of acting Johnny failed only in 1993, when he was reincarnated in one of the characters in the series "Sudden Rage." It was then that the young actor began to pay attention to the directors, he was actively invited to interesting films.

The family comedy "Mr. Bean" has become a favoritefilm in the whole world, so it to some extent glorified and Johnny Galaki. He was also helped by the acquaintance with Jennifer Love Hewitt, a very popular actress, thanks to which the young man got a role in the horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

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But still the greatest influence on the creativeGalaky's career was aired by The Big Bang Theory. He made Johnny popular not only in America, but in all countries in which this film was broadcast. By the way, it comes out so far. Johnny Galakey is constantly busy on the set in the series, but still finds time for other projects. Popularity and love of the audience audience actor brought such films as "Handsome", "Hancock", "Time".

Filmography by Johnny Galaki

Photos of the actor today can be seen in manyfashion magazines. Johnny enjoys great popularity not only in America, but also in Europe. For the first time on television, the actor was in the distant 1987, starring in the film "Murder is predetermined." During the same period, he participated in the television movie "Time Out for Dad". In 1988, Galakie began filming in the series "Roseanne", which was broadcast until 1997, and also played a role in the drama "One night from the life of Jimmy Reardon." In 1989, there were shooting in the family comedy "Christmas Holidays", fantasy "Skakun" and the TV series "Hardball".

The new decade has pleased the Galakis with new roles. In 1990, he starred in four scenes: the television films Blind Faith and In Defense of a Married Man and the TV series The Graceful Flower and The American Dreamer. In 1991, the shooting of the series "Civil Wars" began, and in 1993 - the television movie "Sudden Fury". In 1994, there was a drama with Johnny "Without Consent", and in 1996 - a thriller "Murder at My Door". The year 1997 was full for Galakie, three works were shot at once: the family comedy "Mr. Bean", the thriller "I Know What You Did Last Summer", the crime drama "Kings of Suicide".

In 1998, Johnny played the role of a gay teenager incomedy "The opposite of sex." 1999 actor dedicated shootings in the series "Show Norma", he also participated in the voice acting of "Griffin" and "Batman of the Future". In the new century, Galaki distracted himself from television and redirected his forces to the cinema. On the big screen, the actor appeared in the comedy "100 problems and the girl" and in the melodrama "Alien ticket". In 2001, Johnny played a role in the crime drama "The Only Way Out", the fantasy "Vanilla Sky" and the television comedy "Bagtime".

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In 2002, Galaky replenished the creative piggy banktelevision films "Two Families" and "Becoming Glen". In 2003, the shooting of the series "The Queen of the Screen" began and a thriller "Bookmakers" was released. In 2004, Johnny was pleased with the short film "White Like Me", the drama "Crystal", the series "Handsome" and "LAX". In 2005, the series "My Name Is Earl", "American Daddy" and the TV movie "Peep Show" began to be shot. In 2006, Galakie won the role in the series "My Team", which was broadcast until 2010.

The following year, Johnny received one of histhe best roles - Doctor of Science Leonardo Hofstadter in the television film "The Big Bang Theory". This series goes so far, the actor spends most of his working time on him. Despite this, Galaki accepts some suggestions for filming in films. In 2008, he appeared on the big screen in a fantastic action movie "Hancock", in 2011 - in the thriller "Time", and in 2013 - in the drama "Club" CBGB ". In the near future, plans to star in the thriller "Invitation", this beautiful actor - Johnny Galaki.

Personal life

On the set in the television series "The Big Bang Theory"the actor met with a colleague Keili Kuoko. With the girl Johnny met for two years, but in 2010 the couple decided to part. Kuoko and Galakie maintain a warm and friendly relationship. Interestingly, in life, Johnny Galaki and his girlfriend repeated the same scenario as in the series. In the film, their characters also first met, and then, after a long relationship, they decided to part ways. Now Johnny's heart is occupied by actress Kelly Garner.

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Interesting facts from biography

  • For 2012 about 8 million dollars earned Johnny Galakey.
  • The height of the actor is 1.65 m.
  • Galakie starred in the video of the band "Dave Matthews Band" for the song "Satellite".
  • Johnny excellently plays the cello, the audience could see it in one of the telecards.
  • In 2006, Galaki was first exposed on the stage, having played in the play a male prostitute. For this role, the actor was nominated and received a theatrical award of world significance.
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