Daria German. Biography and creativity

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What do you know about such a person as DariaHermann? The biography of this girl is hidden behind seven seals. Despite this, now it is quite popular both in the network and on television. Daria - a young girl who successfully builds her career in show business, is engaged in television activities and is a master of seduction of men. Many learned about Dasha from the project "Bachelor", others saw her in the series "Halves" - one way or another, this Moscow party girl is known to the young people of the country.

Daria Herman, whose biography is veryfascinating and interesting to ordinary Internet users, became famous in the network by conducting trainings on seducing women and men online. The girl is well versed in psychology and relations between men and women. She gives lessons in the skill of seduction of women to inexperienced guys and advises the girls how to behave in this or that situation with a loved one. Despite the great experience of interpersonal relationships, in her 30 years Daria German is still unmarried. You will say that in our time marriage does not play an important role in the life of a self-sufficient and luxurious woman. Perhaps this is true, but nevertheless Miss Daria Herman, whose biography shows us her as an educated, creative person, wants a child and dreams of a strong family.

darya german
Daria was born on April 14 in 1981 in the citySt. Petersburg. The girl's family is far from creativity. My father was a scout of the Maritime Flotilla, my mother was engaged in architectural design. The girl from the childhood paid special attention to creative activity, was the organizer of school events, participated in all performances and performances. In her student years, Daria was the producer and soloist of the KGB band. Girls in frank and defiant outfits performed on the student scene.

darya german biography
Daria Herman, whose biography is interesting inmostly young men, graduated with honors from the Institute of International Relations, a year lived in New York. Later, the girl decided to do modeling business, took part in the competitions "Miss Maxim", "Miss Eclipse". Later, Daria took up television activities, led the weather forecast, was shot in episodes of several films.

Daria German. Filmography

Among the films in which thisgirl, recorded: the series "Half", the film "Circle", "Street raiser" and others. At the moment she is the author and the leading Internet-trainer "School of Seduction", she also leads the project "Do not Sleep alone". In 2013 she took part in the television project of the channel TNT "Bach", where she became one of the brightest and most memorable participants.

Beautiful girl with model parameters andthe appearance of Angelina Jolie is Daria Herman. Growth, the weight of the girl is of interest to many. Slim and tiny, like a figurine, this girl has a height of 164 cm and weight of 48 kilograms.

In her interview, Daria talks about howdreams to publish his book and is now actively engaged in creative writing. This lady likes to make an impression, is not afraid to be noticeable and discussed. Despite the envy of women around her and the excessive attention of men, she goes to her goal and knows what she wants from life.

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