Sergey Pavlov: biography and creativity

Talented people live not only in Moscow. Chuvash Estrada is not the first year on hearing from music lovers. Sergei Pavlov - one of the brightest representatives of it. He performs hits in his native language, which he writes himself. The organization of performances is engaged in his wife, and with the distribution of disks, Sergei is helped in Cheboksary.

short biography

Sergey Pavlov

Sergei Pavlov, whose biography is similar tothe life story of any other common man, was born in the village of Emmetyevo, which is located in the Yalchik district. This area is famous for its talents. After school, he entered the Cheboksary Musical College named after F. Pavlov. After receiving his education, the future musician gave several years of his life to work with children. He worked at the Young Spectator Theater together with the directors Vasilyev and Orinov. Sixteen years later, Sergei had nothing to feed his family, as the salaries of cultural workers left much to be desired, and he began to try himself on the stage and in parallel to develop a small business.

A family

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Sergei has a daughter Marina. Even while studying at school, she began performing on stage with Chuvash songs. My father even took her with him to the show in Moscow in the "Projector" Palace of Culture. A lot of well-known representatives of the Chuvash stage were gathered on the stage, Marina acted no worse than others. At the time of this event, she was only 15 years old, she was studying in the tenth grade.

Sergei Pavlov very warmly responds about hiswife, who supports him in every possible way. She acts as its administrator. The whole organizational part is on it - selling tickets, interacting with the press and technical workers. As the singer says, his career would not have been so successful without the support of his wife.

Concert activity

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Sergei Pavlov - a singer with enoughnarrowly directed repertoire, so he can not earn as well as the top performers of Russia. The audience, who are close to Chuvash songs, can be found in different regions of the country, but the stadiums are collected by the singer.

Chuvashes, as a rule, live smallgroups, and not all of them remember their native language and preserve traditions. A significant part of the fees Sergei Pavlov (photo of the singer is presented in the article) spends on costumes that are quite expensive. Sergei Pavlov spent most of his time on tour. He actively travels all over the country. Most often, performances are held in Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Ulyanovsk region.

Thanks to the representatives of Chuvashia in the upperechelons of power, often Sergei was invited to speak in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, the organization of concerts is supported by Yalchin businessmen, who now work in the capital cities. They involve the media and contribute to the popularity of the musician among fellow countrymen.

Release discs

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Time free from performances is held atSergei for no less hard work - he independently composes music and poems for his songs. After that, the composition is recorded in a professional studio. The singer did not master the arrangement, so for each song he has to give about 4-6 thousand rubles in Cheboksary, which, as you might guess, is quite inexpensive compared to Moscow prices.

Sergei Pavlov receives a great deal fromInstitute of Culture, which is open in Cheboksary. It prepares professional arrangers and deals with vocalists. The school opened a jazz department, where you can improve your vocals. For today, the singer has about 90 songs that are released on three discs. Records are distributed with the help of the Cheboksary studio and sold on concert days.

The singer complains that the Chuvash stageworks very few authors, which greatly complicates the work. Fans in response complain that Sergei does not have enough active advertising and his record is almost nowhere to be distributed, except for disks. According to many admirers of his work, if his compositions were available on the Web, they would still buy CDs to listen to them at any time. Our hero actively cooperates with other musicians, among the representatives of the Chuvash stage he especially singles out the band "Yantash", Augustu Ulyandin, Stas Vladimirov, Alexei Moskovsky, Alina Fedorov, Lyudmila Semenova, Svetlana Yakovleva.

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