What is silhouette? This concept is associated with fashion?

Only by opening one's eyes does a person already have a vitalproblem: what to wear? For some, this is a trifle, but someone is very serious about their wardrobe. Whatever it was, we do not live in the era of loincloths, so your appearance should not take the last place. After all, our emotional state depends on this, and it in turn affects the mood.

Every year, new trends are emerging, andthe preferences of people in clothes completely change. Only one remains unchanged-models that are time-determined. Since our outfits are constantly improving and becoming more complex, it is necessary to determine their shape and silhouette.

What does the word "silhouette" mean?

Such an interesting term came to us fromFrench language. If you make a literal translation, then the silhouette is the outline of the subject, in other words, its outline. Modelers try to reproduce the object on a plane, that is, to transfer the volumetric form to a schematic image on paper.

When an expert wants to show how it will belook like a garment, he will need a schematized image. Thanks to this sketch at first glance, it is clear what the wardrobe element is. And already visually it is possible to understand, he will approach to a figure or not.

Silhouette of a girl. How are they classified?

Classification of the silhouette is directly related to the figurethe fair sex. After all, the main goal of this essay is to repeat the shape of the figure. Thus, the element of clothing should look good on the model, that is, emphasize its merits and hide flaws.

Since the figures are all different, for this, there are several varieties of shapes and silhouettes in clothing. Silhouette in clothes can be divided into two main types:

  • by the degree of adherence;
  • by the type of a geometric figure.

To properly draw up your wardrobe, simplyIt is necessary to choose a silhouette that will perfectly emphasize the figure. From this approach depends on how harmonious will look clothes on the girl. Do not be serious about choosing clothes, because you do not want to look ridiculous at all.

the silhouette is

Types of silhouettes in tailoring

Since the trends of the season directly depend on the designers, it is they who accentuate their attention on some silhouettes and thus set the fashion. Among the popular types of outlines of the subject are:

1. A straight silhouette is the geometric shape of a rectangle, which is characterized by a narrow and extended sewing. In this essay, the upper part of the object must correspond to the bottom. At the waist, attention is not accentuated.

2. Advanced - resembles the shape of a trapezoid. This is a free-cut product with a fixed waistline. This form of clothing was popular in the distant past, now in the fashion of moderate volume items.

silhouette of a girl

3. The adjacent silhouette is a model that emphasizes the figure in all parameters (it is a question of the line of breasts, waist and hips). This effect is achieved by means of a relief seam and darts.

silhouette photo

4. Semi-adjacent - characterized by incomplete fit along the line of the breasts, slightly free to the bottom. The waist in such an object does not stand out too much, so does the hips. This type of silhouette unobtrusively repeats the outline of the figure.

dress and silhouette

5. Pritalennyj is a silhouette of the girl who emphasizes a line of a waist, densely to it adjoining. This tailoring focuses only on the midline of the body; the top and bottom in turn can be from the adjacent to the free cut.

A-line dress

Dresses of such a cut never went out of fashion. It's all about simplicity of shape and pleasant appearance. A-silhouette is a model characterized by a narrowed upper part, where the fabric gently outlines the shoulders, and flared skirt. The first to fashion was the A-line dresses Christian Dior. It is thanks to this talented fashion designer, such a subject of wardrobe is known to us today.

This style was at the peak of popularity in the 60's,when every self-respecting fashionista was simply obliged to have this item in her wardrobe. The dress quickly became common, as it gained popularity with its practicality. This model is ideal for everyday dress and festive. The fact is that the length of the product can vary from short to long in the floor.

Another reason why the model acquired such aresponse, is that the style fits most ladies. Especially this model looks good on full women, in which hips are a problematic place. Trapezoidal dress emphasizes the waistline and hides a wide bottom.

Let's sum up the results

Understand the shapes of clothes - very interestingoccupation. Although fashion changes, silhouettes still remain. This knowledge will help to choose the right wardrobe. There is always the opportunity to experiment and choose the most suitable silhouette. A photo of some models can be viewed above and analyze which one is right for you.

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