Padishah Mehmet Fatih Conqueror: real and cine characters

Last year, was shot a great movie"Sultan Mehmet Fatih the Conqueror". The film directed by Merve Chirginin in the original has a shorter name "Fatih". The star cast of actors promises an average view to the average viewer. But people who are familiar with the history, found in the film a lot of inconsistencies with the realities. A wise and just ruler, as the Turks want him to imagine, was not at all humane. What do historical sources tell us about this conqueror of Constantinople?

Mehmet Fatih Conqueror

Childhood and adolescence

Mehmet Fatih Conqueror was born at the end of March1432 years. His father was Murad II, and his mother was a Christian slave of Albanian or Greek origin. The film tells that since the birth of his son the Sultan had great views on his future. Allegedly, at the age of six, little Mehmet headed Sanjak Manisa, who was traditionally "reserved" for the heir to the throne. In fact, the future conqueror of Europe was the youngest son of the Sultan. Yes, he received a brilliant education, like all Shah-zade, but drew the attention of his father only after the death of his older brothers.

Murad II took his son on all trips, so that the episodefrom the film where the 12-year-old boy takes part in the battle, the complete truth. From 1444 to 1446 Mehmet even succeeded (even during his father's life) to command the power of the Ottomans. In the conquered Turks of Magnesia, he was presented with the gift of a Christian captive, whom he fell in love with. This woman became the mother of the heir. However, at the insistence of his father, Mehmet Fatih the Conqueror was combined with a dynastic marriage with a noble Turkish woman.

Sultan Mehmet Fatih Conqueror

First steps of government

After the death of his father in 1451, the throne tookMehmet. The Turkish law indicated that to prevent civil strife, the heir to the throne had the right to kill all his brothers. And the 19-year-old Sultan Mehmet Fatih Conqueror did not fail to take advantage of this opportunity. He even killed his brother Amurat, who was only 9 months old, as well as other male relatives. Unpredictable and courageous, he combined erudition, cunning and cruelty that does not fit into common sense.

He shocked the painter Bellini, whominvited to write his portrait, by cutting off the head of the slave, only to show how the neck muscles contract in convulsions. Also Mehmet Fatih The Conqueror liked to play in Garun al-Rashid, with the only difference being that he who recognized him certainly died from the saber of the guardsmen. Sources also mention that when a melon disappeared from the Sultan's melon, the padishah ordered the slaves to open their stomachs.

Sultan Mehmet Fatih the conqueror of the film


Much is known about them. The Roman Empire did not give rest to Mehmet's father. However, the new sultan began to act more insidiously. He assured the Byzantine ambassadors that he did not pretend to the lands of the empire. He set off on an expedition to the east, and then systematically began building military fortresses in the immediate vicinity of Constantinople, blocking the city's great supply of food from the Black and Marmara Seas. In 1453 the capital of Byzantium was sunk in blood. Mehmet Fatih the Conqueror moved his residence from Adrianople to Constantinople and immediately continued his predatory policy. The European powers were then shattered and fell one after another. In the end, the Turkish troops in 1480 captured the Italian city of Otranto. Only the unexpected death of the Sultan due to an overdose of opium stopped the advance of the Ottomans to the west.

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