Metallurg (profession): the pros and cons. Where to study and work?

There are many important and useful professions in the world. Metallurgical craft just refers to them. All the most important and interesting about the profession of a metallurgist and will be told in this article.

Who is a metallurgist?

Metallurg is a person who is engaged inproduction of metal. He does this by treating scrap metal or various rocks. Metallurgists are representatives of the most important craft. After all, it is, as a rule, good for the economy of the state. Qualitative specialists in the field of metallurgy are highly valued today.

However, do not limit yourself to only onethe term "metallurgist". What kind of profession is it, who can work in this area be to a person who came to production? There are several specialties related to metallurgy:

  • Spiller. A representative of this specialty is engaged in the overflow of metal in a liquid state according to special forms.
  • The smelter. This person is engaged in the melting of metal. Moreover, melting must be effective - after all, the smelter must know all about how to melt the most qualitatively one or another type of metal.
  • Heater. The representative of this profession is obliged to prepare and heat the furnace for high-quality melting of metals.
  • Specialist of blast furnace furnace. This person is obliged in time to withdraw from the furnace by-products so that the quality of the metal does not decrease.

There are many other specialties in the field of metallurgy. But one thing must be said for sure: a metallurgist is a very demanded and important profession.

Profession history

Metallurgy is one of the oldest professions on earth.

metallurgy profession
Even primitive people tried to processmetal, in order to make it useful. Various metal tools of labor turned out to be much more effective and qualitative, rather than wooden or stone.

During the Bronze Age, the metal was already in full swing. Copper and tin ores were mixed with charcoal and sent to a cheese oven. In the special furnace furnace air was supplied. As a result of all actions, the finished material was obtained, from which various kinds of tools were made.

The present, generally recognized metallurgicalThe craft appeared 6 thousand years ago in the Balkans. And it is from that time that this profession is constantly expanding and modernizing. Metallurgist - a profession quite dangerous for human health. Therefore, not all go to this craft.

Where can I study for a metallurgist?

Where do you need to go to study, in order to proudly call yourself a "metallurgist"? This profession is quite important, therefore it is necessary to approach the training responsibly.

To be able to find work in the regionmetallurgy, it is necessary to graduate high school or at least a technical school. Here everything will depend on the chosen specialty, from the desire to climb up the career ladder. Important is the choice of the enterprise, in which the person would like to work in the future. If the future metallurgist is enough to be a simple steelmaker, machinist or ladle, then you can safely go to training in a technical institution. And engineers and professional masters can only prepare a higher educational institution.

Nevertheless, a metallurgist is quite a professioncommon. It is very easy to find a job in this specialty today. And, consequently, it is not difficult to enter a university with good exam results.

Who is the profession of a metallurgist?

The profession of a metallurgist does not suit all people. After all, this is a truly masculine, hard and responsible work.

metallurgist profession description
It is worth mentioning about a large number of risks,which are formed due to many factors. This is the high temperature, and harmful impurities in the air, and heavy, sometimes even debilitating duties. Working with metal is very hard for the human body. Metallurgists are much more likely than other people to have cancer and cardiovascular diseases. That is why the most considered profession is suitable for strong, healthy and hardy people. Also the metallurgist should be very attentive to various kinds of details. The hands of a person working with metal must be strong, firm and even dexterous. And educated specialists would do well to have also an excellent memory: after all, constant data on the compositions, temperature and density will have to be remembered and kept in mind for a long time.

Thus, metallurgists have high professional requirements. And this is completely justified.

On the duties of a metallurgist

And what should a worker do, whose profession- Metallurgist? What should a person with this specialty do, what are his duties? Here everything depends on the specialty of the metallurgist. The ordinary workers have their duties, more severe and dangerous, which is what engineers and managers have. So, in the list of duties of a simple, working metallurgist can include:

  • spillage of metal by special forms;
  • removal of unnecessary impurities from the furnace;
  • heating of metals in the furnace to a certain temperature;
  • work with special, dangerous and complex equipment.

There are many other specialties for the metallurgist. But one thing must be said for sure: such a worker must be extremely careful, cautious and attentive.

The managers of metallurgists, or engineers, have the following duties:

  • introduction of qualitatively new methods of melting metals;
  • check of workers of metallurgists on places;
    metallurgist profession photo
  • control over the process, its effectiveness;
  • development of reports for superiors;
  • control of equipment.

Metallurgical engineers have other duties. However, it is very important that engineers be sociable, disciplined and emotionally stable.

Professional prospects of the metallurgist

The society and the state really need a profession like a metallurgist. Description of the metallurgical craft can take several volumes.

metallurgy profession is
After all, the duties of the metallurgist reallymany, and they are all very dangerous and difficult. That is why any worker of a metallurgical enterprise has the opportunity to climb the career ladder. So, having made due efforts, the simple steelworker can grow up to the chief of shop. Increasing in professional terms, metallurgists increase their own income.

Simple workers-metallurgists have the opportunityincrease their professional rank. In each specialty there are 3 to 5 categories. The level of wages depends on each level. Having received the fifth rank, a worker in the metallurgical sphere has the opportunity to become a senior in the shift. And having received higher education and becoming an engineer, a metallurgist can obtain the post of chief of the shop and even the director of the plant.

Thus, quite a wide range of possibilities is available to any metallurgist. A profession is what a person gives his whole life. And the metallurgical craft is not an exception.

The demand for the profession of a metallurgist

The profession of a metallurgist has always been and will be one of the most demanded. It is not difficult to find a prepared person.

who is a metallurgist?
This is probably due to the fact that any worker in thethe field of metallurgy has rather difficult working conditions. A graduate of a technical school or university receives a referral from a school to a factory or enterprise. There is already a workplace for a person.

And how many metallurgists get? Here everything depends, again, on the specialty and the region. However, the average salary in Russia is from 15 to 60 thousand rubles. The highest salaries are received by metallurgists in the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

A metal worker is a very important and important profession. After all, the economy of many countries, especially such as Ukraine and Russia, largely depends on the metallurgical industry.

Disadvantages of the profession of a metallurgist

Each profession is somehow dangerous and difficult. Has many shortcomings and such as a metallurgist, a profession. Photo of metallurgists at work can be seen below.

metallurgy profession what to do

It is worth starting with the fact that not everyonea person will advise a doctor to go to work on a metallurgical specialty. If a person has problems with the cardiovascular or musculoskeletal system, with breathing, vision or psyche, then any medical institution will refuse to work. And all because any metallurgical specialty has many risks and dangers. A working metallurgist must be extremely attentive and focused on his work, otherwise he can make a mistake. And mistakes at the metallurgical enterprise are extremely undesirable - in fact they can be fraught with the strongest traumas and burns. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that every minute in the shop for melting metal strongly strains the human body. This is due to both high temperature and harmful substances in the air.

Thus, the profession in the field of metallurgy does not suit all people. Only a physically developed, healthy and strong person can cope with his professional duties.

Advantages of the profession of a metallurgist

Despite the large number of work deficienciesmetallurgist, every year entrants simply storm universities and colleges, where the training of professionals in the metallurgical specialty is carried out. What is the reason for this?

metallurgist what kind of profession is it to work for

The thing is that the profession of a metallurgist has many advantages and advantages. These include:

  • High profit payment. Metallurgists do a lot and earn well. But this is due to difficult working conditions.
  • A large number of various specialties. A person can find any specialty in accordance with their preferences. And it really attracts many school leavers.
  • Prestigiousness. Any metallurgist, in fact, provides the economy of his state. This is the prestige of the profession.
  • In demand. Metal has always been and remains one of the most sought-after materials. Accordingly, a profession such as a metallurgist will remain in demand.

"Who is this - metallurgist?" - people can ask, and not suspecting that they do not know about one of the most important professions in the state. Being a metallurgist is truly prestigious and authoritative.

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