What is the average salary in the US or Well where we do not exist

Each person evaluates his mission in life especially individually: we all have different goals, different views and, especially, opportunities.

average salary in the USA
However, if we try to draw boundaries,who share all our beliefs on how to live in the country in which we still live, probably would be the following: one big category will fall on those who say something like: "Where was born, there and there handy ". The second significant category will consist of those who decide: "In Russia you can also earn money." And earn! Somewhere in the middle of the "hang", probably the majority of people dreaming about abroad and never tried to risk it. And, finally, at the end of the picture, those who are determined to leave their native places forever will remain.

Judging by the number of search requests, most of the citizens of the latter category are interested in America. And really, what is the average salary in the US?

Service statistics "PayScale" provides the following data as of April 9, 2013. Average salary in the USA:

Executive Assistant (5795)

$ 48,813

Operations Manager (5696)

$ 59,623

Office Manager (5297)

$ 41,479

Software Engineer (4791)

$ 73,617

Administrative Assistant (4768)

$ 35,220

Human Resources (HR) Manager (4720)

$ 60,002

General / Operations Manager

$ 60,848

The figures are based on the received funds for the year.

If we talk about a change in working lifeAmericans of late, then, of course, we can not fail to mention the crisis that has made its corrections. Thus, according to the data from the report of the New York University, the average salary in the USA for the majority of the population of the country (middle class) has undergone a significant downward shift. Thus, as a result of a survey conducted last year by the Institute for Economic Policy, 20% of families recognized themselves as poor, while at the beginning of the recession, their number was no more than 15%.

minimum wage in the USA

This, however, can not be said abouthighly educated specialists and well-to-do Americans: according to the same data, the average salary in the United States of the said category of citizens in 2012 was 229 times used to the salary of an ordinary American.

As a result of the crisis, social inequality in the country acquires a global scale, which, in the opinion of some experts, may well lead to a new financial crisis.

As for the most paid profession in the US, it was and remains the profession of a doctor. According to statistics, the average salary in the US for a doctor is about $ 155,000 per year.

average wage in the USA
Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that, in contrast toRussia, where, according to the law, treatment is paid for by taxpayers (and it is quite possible to receive it, despite long queues and not always high quality), in the US, the services of a doctor are paid.

The same medical insurance costs $ 200- $ 1000 per month for an American, which makes it impossible for hospitals to treat poor people (whose income is less than $ 40,000 per year).

For the sake of justice, it is also necessary to take into account the level of tax reaching up to 35% of earnings.

The minimum wage in the US (cleaners, loaders, handymen) is on average $ 7- $ 8 per hour.

In general, if you are not a high-profile specialist,The US at the moment is not the most favorable country for immigration. Some businessmen confess in their interview that they have plans about the Caribbean islands. Maybe someone should think about the same?

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