Logist: who and what is doing

logist who is this
Many people today are asking themselves: "Logist - who is this?" After all, such a profession has become widespread not long ago. Although the science of logistics itself has more than a hundred years of history, some of its principles were applied by Napoleon.

Logist - who is it and what are his duties?

The main task of specialists of this profileis to improve the interaction between the main parts of the business - supply, marketing, sales organization, distribution and directly production itself.

Logist - who is this? This specialist oversees the work of all departments of the organization, he is responsible for the distribution of goods, the direction of transportation and tracking of its progress from the purchase itself to unloading in the warehouse of the recipient.

It is also the responsibility of the person in charge oflogistics, includes the calculation of the optimal route of the goods. The most rational way will allow the organization to save significantly on transportation and ensure absolute cargo security. Even the most insignificant mistake can turn into a major loss for the company.

Principles and essence of logistics

Logistics is based on a clear and systematic approach to work, because only in this way it is possible to organize the operation of each department of the company in the best way and get high marks from customers.

In the field of logistics, not only the specialists themselves are involved, but also carriers, forwarders and even information companies.

Following the experience of Western colleagues, Russian companiesalso began to introduce specialists in logistics. After all, thanks to a rational distribution of forces and resources, the organization will be able to reduce its costs and get the most profit with the minimum expenditure of resources. In modern business, logistics plays a very important role.

A logistician ... Who is this? It turns out that it is on this specialist that business is held.

Occupation logist: summary

logistic summary
Before choosing this profession, you shouldThink about it well. After all, logistic work requires not only profound knowledge, but also the ability to work under stress and time constraints. It is necessary to be able to find a common language with the partners of the company, and with drivers. If you still decide to try yourself in this position, you should turn to the resume.

In it, try to bring the information thatwill make a positive impression on the employer. Of course, you should not embellish your skills and abilities, but it's better to mention exactly those traits of character, experience and education that will allow you to do the job in the best possible way.

When composing a resume, be sure toattention to literacy. Especially it concerns the use of special terms and the names of computer programs. But one should not forget about the competent construction of proposals. The ideal option is to give your resume for examination to a known philologist or just a person who knows the language well.

Be sure to indicate your contact phone number or e-mail address at the end. Be in touch so that the employer can quickly find you in case of a positive decision in your favor.

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