Resume design: on the way to dream job

Looking for work does not lead to anything? You have not been invited for an interview for a long time, and letters sent to employers remain unanswered? In this case, it is worth paying special attention to the design of the resume. After all, this is the calling card of the applicant.

Structure of the resume

resume writing
Registration of a document on professional experience and skills, of course, depends on what position you are applying for. But there is that minimum of information that must be specified in the document.

Firstly, this is the position for whichcompetitor. Secondly, his personal data (marital status, date of birth and so on). Sometimes applicants do not specify their age, because they are afraid that he will confuse the employer. However, writing a date of birth is important - you can do this even at the end of the resume. After the recruiter is satisfied with the good work experience, he may not pay attention to the age of attention. Do not forget to indicate in the personal data column contacts for communication: e-mail address, telephone.

The next column is education. Here indicate the year of graduation, faculty and specialty. If you participated in trainings, seminars, or held refresher courses, information about them when working will play in your favor.

Proceed to the next item - work experience. Registration of a resume in this case can be done according to two schemes. The first of them is as follows: list the name of all work places, indicating hours worked, position, and professional duties. There is another option: first you can write all the functions that you ever had to do at work, in the column "Professional Skills and Knowledge".

To look beautiful

correct resume design
But the correct design of the resume is not onlyindicating full information about the applicant, but also the ability to highlight the most important points using the font and the size of the letters. Bold font is suitable for the names of items: personal data, contacts, education and others.

Pay attention to one more important rule. The resume should be readable! Do not overdo it with exotic fonts and color highlighting. The size and style of the font should not be changed throughout the entire presentation. Surname, first name and patronymic are better aligned in the center. Capitalization is also not the best idea. After all, often staff specialists transfer data about applicants to a special database. And re-print the name hardly anyone will want.

A photo

This detail can greatly change the design. Resume without a photo many employers today do not accept. Choosing a photo is an important process.

summary design
After all, this is the business card of your business image. The photo should be high-quality, the picture with a low extension in the resume should not be inserted. Your face must be clearly visible on it. Do not send photos with your family, on vacation or at home. After all, it should characterize you as a responsible person. Photo is better placed next to the name, as well as personal data, in the upper left corner of the page.

And, finally, the last advice - before sending carefully review the summary for the presence of errors - actual and spelling.

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