Restaurant Manager: Responsibilities

In the cities there are new restaurant chains,cafes, bars and so on. Almost all institutions have their own menu, a range of drinks, special rules for staff, relationships with suppliers and so on. For all the subtleties should be attended by specially trained people with a certain set of qualities, skills and experience. This post is called the manager of the restaurant. In this article we will consider what exactly is required from a person in this position.

Who is the "restaurant manager"?

In every public catering and recreation institutionthere is a range of actions that someone must perform. There can be several people in managerial positions, as well as one who controls several directions of doing business at once. The owners of the institution are not so often interested in the current routine affairs, but someone still has to fulfill them.

Such cases may include relations withsuppliers of products and consumables, relations with staff for discipline and wages, monitoring the proper performance of labor obligations, primary accounting, review of documentation, personnel management, resolving disputes with customers and much more. As can be seen from the list, the restaurant manager is quite extensive and laborious. However, this activity is paid accordingly.

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Demand in the market

It is enough to go out to the busy street tosee a huge number of a variety of catering establishments. And each of them needs his own manager. Of course, the owners of the restaurant business prefer to hire people who are experienced, sociable and endowed with some useful human qualities. Not always even education plays a decisive role. But all the same the demand for this profession is great enough. If you ask yourself to get it, it will not require special work. A good restaurant manager is the basis for the successful course of the business of the whole establishment.

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Human qualities necessary for work

Any position implies a set of certaincharacteristics in humans. Including the quality of character. The manager of the restaurant is a public person, he has to communicate with very different people (and benevolent, dissatisfied, important partners, and undesirable visitors). With all it is necessary to find a common language, settle the conflict or conclude a lucrative agreement (on the supply of products, for example).

That is, the manager must be open,socially active, sociable person. Organizational abilities are also important. Closed celebrations, the formation of cooperation in the team, relationships with customers and partners - all this must be able to organize at the best level. The sense of time, the ability to work in multitasking mode, a good memory for the priority lists of affairs - all these are not the last in such work character traits that a restaurant manager should possess.

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Skills, Skills and Knowledge

The duties of the restaurant manager arecontrol over compliance with regulations, regulations, laws on the functioning of food institutions. The manager must know the rules for conducting business activities, the rules for the trade support of consumers. In the duties of the restaurant manager is also the regulation of cooperation between the structural units of the establishment.

From the person in this position,requires knowledge of the basics of dietary, healthy nutrition, knowledge of the recipe ingredients included in the menu. This is necessary in case the customer is on a special restriction of some products for health reasons or he has allergic reactions to menu components. The work "Restaurant Manager" in this case consists in consulting the client on cooking and the ingredients used in it.

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Managing administrator of the restaurant - positionleading, and therefore to the candidate for it are set sufficiently high requirements. Including education. In respectable restaurants and cafes people prefer to hire people with a basic or complete higher education in the direction of preparation "Food Industry", "Food Technology", "Technology and Engineering of the Food Industry" and the like. A person should be well versed in the nuances and subtleties of restaurant business. In addition, he requires the makings of a good manager of public relations.

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Appearance of candidates

In the field of trade and restaurant businessan important role is played by the appearance of staff and management positions. Presentability is one of the decisive factors when hiring for the position of "Restaurant Manager". A person will have to represent the whole organization, appear, in fact, a person and a visiting card of the institution. Pleasant facial features, well-groomed hair and hands, a sense of style in clothes should be at the highest level.

Many restaurants issue uniforms forwaiters, cooks and other personnel. However, the manager often chooses his appearance himself and is not burdened with the obligation to wear a uniform form. That is why the candidate for the position should be aware of his position in the firm and select items according to the etiquette.

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Duties of the restaurant manager

The duties of a restaurant manager include the following items:

  • implementation of management activities to improve the quality of customer service and the characteristics of the dishes offered in the menu;
  • Ensuring the interaction of enterprise divisions;
  • must timely ensure the supply of products, raw materials, consumables at the request of the departments of the institution;
  • must check whether the documents accompanying goods and services are properly filled out;
  • makes a menu, determines the prices for meals and alcohol;
  • controls the behavior of staff and its attitude to visitors, resolves conflict situations;
  • is engaged in registration of halls, considers advertising projects, organizes communications with the public;
  • provides employees with uniforms;
  • supervises the implementation of safety procedures;
  • monitors the integrity of the inventory of the organization;
  • takes measures to implement the requirements of owners and senior management;
  • organizes places and conditions of rest for workers during the break;
  • is familiar with and applies in practice the legislative documentation on the branch of activity.

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Rights of the restaurant manager

For the quality performance of their duties, each restaurant manager is entitled to the following rights:

  • has the right to take any action to eliminate and correct violations and incidents of non-compliance with internal regulations;
  • receives all social guarantees provided for by law;
  • may require assistance and assistance in the enforcement of their rights and in relation to their work duties;
  • in the right to demand the creation of conditions necessary for work;
  • can familiarize himself with any draft documents that are relevant to his working obligations;
  • has the right to request any information, materials and conditions that relate to its activities;
  • has the right to further training;
  • has the right to notify the authorities of all revealed violations, inconsistencies;
  • has the right to make proposals for improving the working conditions and functioning of the organization as a whole.

Salary expectations in different cities

For any person, the salary is one of thethe decisive factors determining the desire to get a job. In Moscow, in restaurants and cafes of an average level, the manager's salary averages between fifty and eighty thousand rubles. Some large institutions offer work with a salary of 150 thousand rubles.

In St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Donthis vacancy has about the same cost of labor. It varies in the range from forty to seventy thousand rubles a month. Most vacancies indicate salary according to agreement. This means that the exact amount of salary will be established in the organization following the results of the interview, revealing the degree of competence, education, and characteristics of the candidate. The better these indicators are, the higher the salary can be set.

The first months in employment are often a probationary period and are paid much lower. This period should not last longer than three months under the law.

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