How to become a judge?

In our time, the position of judge is veryattractive and sought after, but not everyone can become a judge. Theoretically, they can become any law-abiding citizen of a certain country, but in practice everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. So, how to become a judge?

There can be many answers to this question. Someone will say that you need to get a legal education, others - that one education is not enough. The position of a judge is not easy, but it is possible.

With regard to legal education,so that the degree was higher than bachelor's. Do not expect, however, that after an excellent graduation from higher education you will take such a high position. First you need to work on the profession for more than five years. It should be remembered that judges are different, for each position, their demands are put forward. So, before you become a regional judge you have to work for five years, but for work in the regional court it will take 7 years.

The experience also has its own nuances. A lawyer who works in a law firm can not take such a position. But an assistant judge or an employee of the prosecutor's office has a better chance of receiving a similar post more quickly, since such work is the most optimal for the length of service.

If you want to become a judge, you should also remember thatthe candidate will have to pass a difficult qualifying exam. In order to take it, you need not only meet all the requirements, but also collect all the necessary documents. Their package includes a diploma (original), a passport, a work record card, a medical certificate on the state of health and other papers. As for health, that is a whole list of diseases, having which, a person ceases to claim the position of a judge.

When the documents are submitted, the question of how to become a judge,no longer seems so insoluble. The main thing is to gather strength and do everything for the successful passing of the exam. More importantly, to receive an invitation, which can be expected for quite some time. All because today there is a very large number of applicants, and on the appointed day only 5 or 6 people are accepted. As a rule, the examination committee consists of 12 people. The applicant must correctly and accurately answer the questions posed. If at least one answer is incorrect, the exam is considered failed. It is interesting that during the test you can use any normative documents. It will be more difficult to deal with theoretical questions, in which "carp" can to any detail.

Usually the most part of the examscandidates for the position. Nevertheless, these people already know how to become a judge, and can apply again. If the exam is successful, there is an option that you will take the desired position. However, this is rather an exception than the rule, since there will be another test ahead of you - a contest for the position of a judge. In the application for the competition, the types of courts and various positions are indicated, on the choice of which the following steps depend on the intended goal.

A judge can be world or federal. The justice of the peace is engaged in criminal cases with the punishment of up to three years of imprisonment and civil disputes. The federal, in turn, deals with issues that are beyond the competence of its world colleagues.

The requirements put forward by the qualificationcommission, are very high. Candidates are inspected in the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office, as well as in the customs service. The candidate is not allowed to conduct any other affairs, except for scientific work and teaching. The interview is asked a lot of questions, and only after studying each candidate, a decision is made on the recommendation of applicants for the position. A federal judge is appointed by order of the president.

Of course, this profession has manyadvantages, including immunity and protection by the state (including the family). After twenty years of work, the judge receives a life-long content from the state.

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