The teacher's profession is the basis of self-improvement

It happens that a person finishes higher educationinstitution, not bad finishes, but can not work in the specialty. Why is this happening? Among the main reasons, one can single out the discrepancy between the personality of the activity that must be dealt with. For example, a doctor is too worried about each patient, which prevents him from soberly looking at the situation, calmly react. Or the accountant is going crazy when there is no way to communicate with people, but you need to focus on the numbers and prepare a report. What qualities are ideal for an employee of a particular profession, helps to understand the profession.

Teacher's Proficiency
Teachers at the present stage are consideringsociety not just as people who transmit information, but primarily as organizers of the cognitive activity of children. Thus, the professiogram of the teacher also changes. The creation of such an ideal model helps to understand what personal and professional qualities, competencies should have a successful teacher.

The teacher's profession developed by the advancedpsychologists-practitioners, is conditionally divided into several sections, each of which includes professionally significant qualities of a person and an employee. The first of these includes personal characteristics necessary for the performance of the teacher, such as morality, horizons, erudition, volitional qualities. The following section includes professional and pedagogical personality traits: communicability, love for children, creative skills, ability to hear children and others.

Professional knowledge and skills consist ofknowledge of the theory of education and training, methods of working with children of different levels, parents, as well as their practical possessions, the ability to organize their work and the work of children.

Profession of the teacher of primary grades
The model of the teacher does not exclude, and evenrequires the drawing up of narrower occupational specializations. Thus, the professiogram of a primary school teacher takes into account the specifics of working with children of primary school age, where the atmosphere of imagery, fairy-tale, and interest plays a special role. This requires the teacher to have special creative abilities, enthusiasm, patience, the ability to become a pupil, masterfully use a variety of gaming techniques and, ultimately, treat each child as their own.

Proficiency of the teacher of a foreign language
Proficiency of a foreign language teacher -The following example, showing the features of pedagogical specialization. To all general pedagogical qualities it is necessary to add additional ones, without which this type of activity will not be successful. For example, communication, good memory, phonetic hearing, the ability to teach children to organize activities to memorize new words and phrases.

What is the teacher's profession for? This is a kind of ideal, which every practicing teacher should strive for, as the basis of the teacher's success is self-education. The analysis of one's own personality in comparison with the professionogram will help to compile and correct the program of self-improvement, because it is known that only the aspirant will master the path. Psychologists advise subject teachers to compose their own professiogram, which will help them outline the tasks of personal development for the near future. There are no ideal teachers, just like people, but this does not mean that one should not strive for perfection!

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