The collector of PVC windows is one of the necessary professions in Moscow

All apartment houses have windows that areThe connecting element between the outside world and the interior space of an apartment or house. For many centuries they are invariable attributes of buildings of different eras. Over time, these architectural details have changed and today we are pleased with the variety of forms. Today, the most popular plastic windows, which are installed in almost all modern buildings. Therefore, the popularity of such a profession as the assembler of PVC windows has grown. Without it, now there is not a single production that does such work.

pvc window collector
The profile itself produces large, most oftenforeign, companies that have powerful automatic lines and therefore produce quality competitive products. But collect it and make up the glasses are usually small firms, the main figure in which is the assembler of PVC windows (he is also the installer). This specialist assembles the frame to the required dimensions and inserts glass into it. He cuts the profile, welds seams and makes double-glazed windows, which then fixes in this profile. That is, they collect it from various details. The first holes in the houses of our distant ancestors were closed by bullish bubbles and animal skins, and now the window frames are lined with lightest frames with thin transparent glasses. They perfectly protect the premises from loud sounds, dust and cold. With their help, the rooms are ventilated and illuminated by the sun.

pvc windows assemblers are required
In order for such constructions to bedurable, light and practical, should show all of its professionalism and experience of assembling PVC windows. After all, it is necessary to comply with all technological requirements as accurately as possible so as not to disrupt thermal characteristics. The last stage is professional installation.

In what amount of work does the PVC window assembler take part?

  1. The window profile in the assembly section is cut to the desired size.
  2. The next step is reinforcement of the profile.
  3. Milled holes for ventilation, water drainage and fixing fittings.
  4. The made workpieces are welded.
  5. Mounted accessories.
  6. The window is assembled on the stand - this is the final installation.

Since the complexity of the work performed is ratheris high, and the volumes for installation and replacement are enormous, PVC window assemblers are always required to such firms, especially in such a large city as Moscow. The experience of working on machine tools, the experience of assembly and installation of plastic structures are welcomed. Since there are still not enough such specialists, then trainee students with the prospect of career growth are accepted for work. The work requires some physical endurance (especially considering the subsequent installation), so men are usually invited to such vacancies from the age of 25 to 50 years.

pvc collector in moscow
A collector of PVC windows in Moscow, if it is sufficientprofessional and experienced, receives a decent salary. It can reach 50-60 thousand rubles a month. The pupil has from 20 thousand. Prospects of specialists in this profile are good. The volume of work is enough for many, many decades. Therefore, if you have certain skills and desire, you can safely master the profession of "PVC window collector".

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