Personnel Assessment - An Important Stage In the Recruiting Process

Evaluation of staff is not unimportantprocedure for any company. Since the choice of a candidate for a particular position depends on the success and pace of development of the entire organization, both in general and in different sectors. Evaluation of the work of staff. It is of great importance to compare the real content, quality, volume, intensity of staff's work with plans. The planned characteristic of labor is in the program, the technological map of the enterprise. Due to the evaluation of work, you can consider the intensity of work, quality and quantity. Here are some examples of the most popular methods of personnel assessment.

Questioning. Using the evaluation questionnaire, there is an analysis of the presence or absence of the required traits for the applicant for the vacancy. This is helped by a professional set of descriptions and solutions.

Evaluation of staff in terms of descriptivecharacter. The task of the HR manager is to describe the negative and positive traits of the job applicant. Usually this method is used as a supplement to other methods.

Classification method. Evaluation of the staff in this case consists in identifying future workers according to a certain criterion - from the best to the worst. A specific sequence number is assigned.

Comparison by pairs. This method involves comparing the test for couples: they are in the same position. The best bidder is determined and placed in a special rating.

Evaluation of personnel according to the method of comparison orrating. The main feature is the comparison of the employee's correspondences with the position held. This method is based on the scaling of the personal characteristics of the employee. The most important component is the list of tasks necessary for implementation. A seven-point scale is used.

Evaluation of staff performance in decisiveof the situation. Personnel managers prepare a list of descriptions of the incorrect and correct behavior of the employee in situations that are inherently important. This method is often used to assess the performance of managers.

The method of rating behavioral installation. Evaluation of personnel in this method involves the use of critical situations that serve as a source for the withdrawal of personal and business qualities from the employee.

Observing the behavior of the employee. This is a rather laborious assessment of the work of personnel, which requires considerable material costs. On the scale are recorded cases that correspond to one or another behavior of the employee.

Comparative profiles and questionnaires in general. This includes a set of descriptions and questions of employee behavior. Opposite the description of the character traits inherent in employees, a check is made by the appraiser. The overall rating of the employee is calculated based on the sum of the marks.

Conducting an interview. The main task of any interview is to reveal as much information about such characteristics and components of the individual as family status and family attitudes, leisure activities, attitudes towards work in the company, military service, professional training, health, character and temperament, motivational sphere and intellectual.

The method of evaluation is 360 degrees. The employee is assessed by his colleagues, the head and the head. The main task of this method is to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the attested person.

Method of independent evaluation. This is a kind of cross-issue in the various fields of activity of the attested person.

Testing. All sorts of qualification tests are used: physiological, psychological and qualifying.

All of the above methods should respond tothe question is what is the assessment of personnel, determine the effectiveness of its activities and identify errors in its work. Adhering to them, the HR manager will insure himself against unforeseen situations, which often arise at work.

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