Cooper - a profession that has become a part of history

Cooper - a profession and at the same time an ancient craft for the production of large wooden containers, barrels, kadushek. Another collaborator is called an artisan who sometimes makes ship masts.

Cooper's profession

In order to engage in such craft, we needconsiderable physical strength and great skill. That is why in the whole history there was not a single female cooper. The manufacture of barrels was trusted only by real masters, because only they can create a product of high quality. And it is very appreciated.

Since people invented to prepareproducts for a long period of storage, good barrels became a necessity in everyday life. Not less they are important in wineries and vineyards. Oak barrels insist and store such noble drinks as wine, cognac, brandy. If the craftsman has correctly chosen and prepared the tree, then the drink will not oxidize, will not evaporate and will be able to ferment properly.

Cooper - a profession whose history goes back centuries

The first Coopard ware appeared before ourera in ancient Greece. Historians assume that local residents used barrels to store wines, oils, water and food. Until now, archeologists have found cooperative products around the world, mainly in Europe and Russia. Ancient designs have the same elements as modern ones - hoops, rivets and donets.

By the way, in Russia coop is a profession that has appearedapproximately in the X-XV century. and was widespread, until the middle of the XX century. Barrels were used for salting and storing cucumbers, sauerkraut, mushrooms and other products. And the masters were respected people for the whole village.

Cooper's profession history

In the 21st century, cooperatives are no lessproduction. Despite the level of modern technology, many wineries still prefer oak barrels. Of course, most of their production processes are automated, but not all. No machine will replace the manual work of the master.

What is the profession of Cooper?

At first glance, it may seem that the namedThe craft is simple and apart from physical strength, nothing more is required. But in fact before the master is not one task, but a lot. The work begins with the choice of material, that is, it should be determined which wood of the species will be selected. The most high-quality and expensive is the oak barrel. Such material has a lot of advantages over others, for example:

  • elasticity and flexibility;
  • it is quickly dried and does not crack;
  • Do not rot on contact with water, but it becomes even stronger.

Lime is easily cut, does not crack and does not crack. And aspen preserves products much longer and better, unlike other breeds.

The second stage is the preparation of wood with the help ofspecial procedures. Previously, it was left in the sun, in the open air, for three years. During this time the tree dried up, and rains washed away all the harmful elements from it. Now the drying of the material takes place with the help of special furnaces, the process takes from 3 to 12 months.

At the next stage cooper (whose professiondescribed in our article) makes calculations and draws a drawing. Before manufacturing it is necessary to find out what size the product will be, what product will be used, how much material will be required for the product.

what does the profession of cooper mean?

And only after carrying out the above-described procedures, the master can proceed with the production of the barrel. It includes several stages:

  • Assembly.
  • Installation of riveting.
  • Stuffing the hoops on the barrel.
  • Firing or singeing the product from the inside.

Cooperative training

Cooper - a profession whose training is notoffers no institution in the world. This work is very specific and is considered unclaimed. Nevertheless, the training of this specialty can be done at a factory, winery or brewery - in an enterprise that needs barrels. Or you can hire a professional cooper who will teach the craft of making barrels, jams and kadushkas.

Cooper Profession Training

Earnings Cooper

Throughout the entire time of existenceProfessions are highly valued and earn well. A couple of centuries ago, this man was respected, and his work was in great demand. With money he could buy a small piece of land and build a house. Of course, now the cooper can not immediately acquire land, but the salary of 30 to 50 thousand rubles is worthy. In addition, the work itself has become much easier than before, because half of the process is carried out by technology, rather than hands.

In the end, we can say that cooper - a difficult profession that requires special knowledge, but interesting. In addition, the Cooper craft is very old and is part of world history.

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