The most successful samples of the resume of the chief accountant

Summary can be called the main documentjob seeker. After all, the employer is not interested in acquaintance with you, nor your diploma, or letters or certificates, with all these documents he will get acquainted if you interest him.

sample resume Chief accountant

Therefore, the task of everyone who wants to getthe desired place, - to work in advance on the preparation of your resume. In this post you will see the best samples of the resume of the chief accountant and learn how to compile such a resume so that you are considered a worthy candidate.

Can I apply for the post of chief accountant to an ordinary accountant?

Before considering worthy samplessummary of the chief accountant, we will understand what exactly this important person in the company should be engaged in. What is the difference between an ordinary accountant and the main one? The line between these two posts is thin. In another enterprise, a regular accountant-cashier can be more experienced and professionally more qualified than a chief accountant on another. It's all about the duties performed and the amount of work the employee does. It is for this reason that you can safely fill out the CV of the chief accountant and a regular accountant, if you are confident in your abilities and abilities.

Responsibilities in the service

It is known that a regular accountant should keep a record ofprimary documentation, engage in mutual settlements with suppliers, reconcile ongoing operations, prepare and submit reports to relevant authorities, prepare reports for management, calculate and calculate salaries for employees.

resume of the chief accountant

It happens that one person is engaged in all of this,especially if the enterprise is small, and the volume of operations is small - then he is the chief accountant. If the organization is large, the work is divided into several sections. Depending on the volume of operations, even entire departments can be created, consisting of several employees. For example, the "settlement department" or "material". The person who will coordinate the work of these sites, in this case will be the chief accountant.

Reducing the tax burden

sample resume Chief accountant

So, all of the above points are the duties of the chief accountant. The resume that you will create must necessarily include these characteristics.

In addition, remember that the purpose of any enterprise- pay less taxes legally. This is often attributed to the chief accountant in one of the main duties. Therefore, in addition to recordkeeping, it is also very important to know the tax laws.


As practice shows, the accountant does not havethere must necessarily be a higher profile education, although this is welcomed by the employer. Meanwhile, you could learn one profession, and then open an accountant in a special course. Whatever it was, point out the truth in the summary. Very good, if you have additionally studied at any seminars or courses.

Samples of the resume of the chief accountant: what should the chief accountant know and be able to do?

So, you can safely apply for a positionChief Accountant if you have work experience. Even if in the previous post you were just an accountant, but feel the strength to lead the department, why not?

In the summary of the chief accountant, yourknowledge and skills under the heading "professional skills". This includes knowledge of the tax code, the ability to maintain accounting and tax reporting, knowledge of programs.

What programs should an accountant hold? Most enterprises use 1C today, and Accent software is also popular. If the enterprise is small, then MS Excel can be completely dispensed with.

Example of a chief accountant's summary

Consider how it looks in practice. The most successful examples of the resume of the chief accountant contain such mandatory fields: personal information, work experience, education, professional skills. For example:

Ivanova Svetlana Vasilyevna.

Date of birth 09.21.1980.

Address of residence Ivanovo, ul. Bazhenov, 11-11.

Phone: 8 (989) 23 23 233.

E-mail: [email protected]

Purpose: to find the position of chief accountant.


November 2005-January 2015 - chief accountant of OOO "Horn and Hooves". The scope of the enterprise - trade in building materials wholesale and retail.

Duties: tax and accounting in the Accent program, reconciliation with suppliers of products and customers, mutual settlements, conducting banking operations, preparing and submitting accounts, working with primary documentation.

duties of chief accountant

January 2005-November 2005 - Accountant of OOO "Horn and Hooves".

Responsibilities: work with the client-bank, analysis of debts, preparation of reports for submission to the authorities.

Education: Russian National University, Faculty of Finance, specialty "Accounting and Audit", 1999-2005, Master.

Additional education: 2005, September, seminar "Working with Accent program" in the center "Additional education", Ivanovo.

Personal qualities: punctual, attentive and responsible, resistant to stress, good organizational abilities.

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