How much do taxi drivers earn in Moscow? Taxi service and private transportation

We all used our services for oncetaxi drivers. Some use them almost every day. A private car often becomes an unaffordable luxury. Perhaps, there is no place to put it, maybe there is no money to buy it - there can be many reasons. But the need for a machine is insurmountable. A trip with a small child, moving with a lot of things, heavy and bulky baggage, lack of time and so on. In these cases, we are rescued by taxi drivers. But how much do taxi drivers earn in Moscow and other cities? How to work, what is needed at the beginning and much more we will consider in this article.

how many taxi drivers earn in Moscow

Work in a taxi

The Moscow taxi is a good way to earn money. The profession, of course, has its own subtleties and risks. But there are difficulties in any other specialty. People rarely pay attention to work in a taxi. Usually they address here, if the main place of employment is lost, there is no possibility to get settled somewhere and so on. But this profession can bring no less income, and maybe even more than most official jobs. Moreover, in this sphere, earnings depend solely on a person. He is his own boss, he determines when and how to work for him, how many orders a day to take. This perspective is really tempting. Immediately, and the first underwater rock. Earnings of a taxi driver depends solely on his diligence and ability to force himself to do business, and not be lazy.

Moscow taxi

Personal car

The salary of a taxi driver per day is calculated in the same way asand in other spheres. It is defined as from the income less expenses. Income taxi driver gets from the trips. The following items are recorded in expenses: the cost of spent gasoline, consumables, car repairs, traffic penalties, insurance costs, licenses, parking, payment for dispatch services, car washing and so on. Accordingly, all these points must be taken into account. Personal car is good because it does not need to pay rent. Usually it is charged daily and is an essential part of the salary. If you own your own car, then you are in a much more favorable situation. However, with constant use, it wears out much faster than it could. So here everyone decides for himself whether it is worth risking your vehicle on the roads or better to rent a foreign car, but at the same time lose a tangible amount of earnings.

how to make money in a taxi

Rented car

If there is no personal car or desire on itwork, you can rent a vehicle. Some owners of such cars can conclude with you a lease agreement with the right of repayment. This means that you pay the landlord the agreed amount, but after the cost of the car is repaid, it goes to your property. Such a system is quite convenient for taxi drivers. In Moscow, for a day renting a car, drivers pay from one and a half thousand rubles and more. On message boards on the Internet you can find private car owners who wish to rent their vehicle in a taxi, as well as entire organizations that have in their range a huge selection of models.

passenger license

Dispatching service

It is most convenient for customers to dial a single taxi numberand call the machine to the address where they are located. This is what the dispatching service does. A large number of operators receive calls from the public, fixes the route, calculates the cost of the trip and sends the order along the list of possible taxi drivers. They have a special program, which reflects the queue for orders, the load of the line, the nearest calls by location and so on. The system is convenient because the flow from customers is constant, and the driver always knows the point of departure and the destination of the trip. However, cooperation with the dispatching service imposes obligations on the driver. How many taxi drivers earn in Moscow, in this case depends on the rates of the dispatchers. The driver sets the tariff plan not independently, but on the price of the organization. In addition, disgruntled customers can complain about the driver. In this case, he can be removed from the line and as a kind of fine for breaking the established discipline, stop sending him orders for a while. In addition, drivers must pay for the program and access to the database of orders. But such a scheme of work suits many and brings much more benefits than expenses.

taxi driver's earnings per day

Private transportation

There are also drivers who are engaged inexclusively by independent transport without the use of programs and dispatching services. Usually they stand in places of a big congestion of people and high necessity in cars. For example, at train stations, at the airport, at metro stations and so on. In addition, they can acquire a permanent clientele. To do this, it is enough to distribute business cards with their phone number among their customers. The probability is quite high that next time the client will address immediately to this number. But it is not so profitable to engage in an independent carriage in a pure form. Basically taxi drivers combine work. How much taxi drivers earn in Moscow depends on how much they will perform the trips assigned by the dispatch service, and whether they will find customers themselves. For example, it is necessary, if at the moment there are no orders from the dispatchers or the driver was temporarily removed from the line.

taxi driver's earnings per day

What is a license?

Any activity requires an officialregistration, tax deductions, availability of necessary documentation and certificates. This also applies to taxi drivers. The license is not issued by all drivers. Some prefer to take risks, but not formally. In any case, the penalty will be much higher than the cost of the required securities. The license for transportation of passengers is really a necessary document for a person who has decided to constantly earn such activities. Cooperation with many dispatch services is completely impossible without proper registration of the taxi driver and his car. The license for transportation of passengers is valid for five years. To receive it, you need to contact the Ministry of Transport and provide the following package of documents: duplicate passports and car registration documents, and a copy of the power of attorney (if any). The license will be issued within a month. In order to receive it, it is necessary to pass through all the points presented to the driver: a driving experience of at least five years, the presence of taxi identification signs, a taximeter. The cost of the document is about five thousand rubles. In the largest cities can reach up to 10,000 rubles. Penalty for driving without a license - 30 000 r.

passenger license

Necessary things

The question of how to make money in a taxi can helpto solve some useful constructive changes. It is possible to economize on fuel by equipping the car with gas. It is much cheaper than gasoline at about the same expense. Get the navigator. Not necessarily the most expensive. Navigator eliminates the need to circling in search of an unknown point on the map, help travel around the traffic jams, find the shortest path and do not get lost in an unfamiliar territory. In order to be able to carry passengers with children, install a child car seat or a special retainer for the belts. The autoregistrator will help the driver in resolving disputes on the road. In addition, records from the DVR will have a greater effect when you contact the insurance company for damages. The average salary of a taxi driver in Moscow is greatly enhanced by using these simple and convenient items.

What is important to the client

When calling a taxi for a client, the speed of hisarrival. In most cases, taxis are caused by those who are late somewhere. In this case, the time count goes to minutes. And the faster the driver comes, the more likely to earn a good amount. Satisfied customers usually pay more than they were told when ordering a taxi, besides, they leave the driver with change. The appearance of the machine is also important. People who often use taxi drivers want the car to be presentable and comfortable. Also, of course, how much taxi drivers earn in Moscow, directly depends on the class of the car. An expensive car is assigned with a higher tariff rate than an economy class car. How much you can earn a taxi driver in Moscow, depends on the courtesy and tactful communication with the client. Some people like to talk on the road, while others prefer silence and solitude. The driver must behave as required for his passenger. Sometimes it is necessary to maintain a conversation, sometimes, on the contrary, leave the client alone. Polite, hardworking taxi driver on a good car can quite earn for a month about a hundred thousand rubles. And working with weekends, a break for lunch and not a day and a half.

Innovations in the work of a taxi driver

How to make money in a taxi is a matter ofuse of modern technologies. Be sure to use useful technology assistants in your work. Special sites will tell you where accidents have occurred on the roads and traffic jams have formed, find the best route and so on. Some technical tools will help to notice hidden cameras and speed logs in time. All these funds will help increase your earnings and avoid fines.

Women's taxi

Recently it has become quite fashionableapply to a women's taxi. In such services, only a female taxi driver will be driving. This service is popular with girls who do not want to risk traveling with unfamiliar men, as well as women with children.

Risks of the profession

Each work has its own risks. It's the same with taxi drivers. The Moscow taxi is not insured against accidents and road accidents. Traveling in the dark can be dangerous to the health and property of the driver. People can meet different, both decent, and with criminal inclinations. There have been cases when clients simply ran away without paying. Such a turn of events will not please any taxi driver. However, anything can happen. Therefore, monitor the safety of your property and personal safety. In this case, by the way, cooperation with dispatching services is very useful, since they record incoming call data.

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