Freelancers - who are they, and where did the word come from?

More often you can hear this phrase: "I work as a freelancer!" And although literally a decade ago such a profession did not exist in Russia, today it is not so rare. Therefore, for those who ask the question: "Freelancers - who are they?" - and this article is written.

freelancers who it is
A bit of history

If you translate this word into Russian, thenthe answer to the question: "Freelancers ... Who are they?" - there will be a strange combination that sheds little light on the question mentioned. After all, the English word "freelancer" means "free spearman" or "hired, free spearman". We can not define the word in the detachment of neologisms, because it originated in the time of Walter Scott. For the first time, "freelancer" appears in his novel "Ivanhoe". Here's a new word for you! And indeed, originally it was the medieval mercenaries who were called "freelancers". Who are these, our modern "free spearmen"?

Contemporary significance

It will be more correct to name such an employee"Franker", since the spearmen now practically does not exist. The first part of the word means "freedom, will" in translation. It is she who is fundamental. So, freelancers - who are they? The answer can be briefly: they are people working remotely, for whom there is no obligation to personally visit the workplace (office, office) and a clear schedule of work. Some of the explanations indicate that freelance implies a temporary workload. However, this is no longer an indisputable fact. Today, there are a lot of Internet exchanges, sites where long-term contracts are concluded with freelancers, "free spearmen" can be registered at the place of residence as an emergency or IP, pay taxes and so on.

freelance journalist

Free Artist

Even before the penetration of the Internet into all areas of ourlife began to appear "free artists" - people of creative professions who did not want or could not serve in any particular place. And it was not only people engaged in fine arts, that is, not only artists or sculptors. It also included writers and poets, musicians and composers, singers, dancers, architects and representatives of many other professions. Of course, not everyone is able to create for the sake of art alone. And to be sure that your work will be in demand, bought out and give a good, and most importantly, a stable income, it is impossible. And often the geniuses who set foot on this path died in poverty, never realizing the glory and not having received the recognition of the people. Perhaps the most stable was the position held by a freelance journalist, with whom there was some kind of agreement, but a contract.

freelance programmer

Stability of current freelancers

But time flows, and everything changes, often - tobetter. Today, in order to become a freelancer, you do not have to be a genius. It is enough to know your business in perfection, be able to work on the Internet and be a responsible person. You can offer through the Internet or a newspaper the services of the book designer in the editorial office, the printing house or an individual, provided that there is artistic talent. You can contract to perform proof-reading work or provide an interpreter if you have the knowledge of the language. Extremely in demand today is a freelance programmer, creator and developer of sites, administrator and moderator, rewriter and copywriter. Even without knowing absolutely nothing, you can become a freelancer and earn some money only by regularly giving answers to different forms on the Internet or simply "poking" buttons, going to the specified sites in order to increase their attendance. It is difficult to agree that this work is not complicated. But the regular income, even a small one, will not be enough for anyone.

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