Work in the hotel and hotel: features, duties and recommendations

Today, hotel business is not only flourishingborder, but also in our homeland. Considering this, it will be quite logical to consider this medium as a potential place of work. What are the vacancies? What is the responsibility of work in hotels? And who do they take there at all?

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Who is needed at the hotel?

Each hotel is unique in its own way, and thereforeit is rather difficult to talk about them in general terms. At the same time, their individuality manifests itself not only in the interior or in the elegance of the rooms, but also in what kind of staff there works. For example, if a small hotel is able to do with an administrator and two cleaners, then the staff of a five-star hotel can include up to 50 specialists.

And yet, despite all the variety of vacancies, among them there are those that are in demand most.

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Hotel manager

Administrator is the first person aftermanager or chief manager. It is the responsibility for almost everything in the hotel: the placement of customers in numbers, the organization of the work schedule, the purchase of necessary equipment, the resolution of conflicts and so on. Frankly, this is the most difficult work in the hotel, and therefore the highest paid.

The main problem is that to settle onthe post of administrator is rather difficult. Especially when it comes to large hotels or hotels. The management understands that a poorly trained employee can snap at any time, which will compromise their reputation. Therefore, they prefer to appoint only those professionals who have experience in the hotel business as administrator.

In addition, this type of staff must have the following qualities:

  • Communicative, as work in hotels means continuous communication with customers.
  • Organizational skills, because most of the duties of the administrator is associated with the setting and adjustment of tasks for staff.
  • Witty - without it anywhere, since non-standard situations will constantly arise on an even place.

Sometimes the owners make to the applicants foradministrator's position additional requirements. For example, they can hire only people with higher education or screen out those candidates who have bad diction.

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Most hotels have a reception at the entrance -A separate area for meeting guests. It is here that customers first turn to book a room or find out the necessary information about the services of this institution.

Most often in small hotels at the reception sitsadministrator. But expensive hotels, on the contrary, prefer to hire a separate staff for this post. This is due to the fact that their reception passes through themselves much more visitors, which justifies the additional costs.

Working at the hotel at the reception does not require a higher education. However, in order to settle into this place, you must meet the following requirements:

  • To have an excellent diction and manners.
  • Have a presentable view.
  • Know English at a conversational level (this is due to the fact that some visitors to the hotel may be foreigners).

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Work maid in the hotel

In any hotel there are own maids. After all, these employees are responsible for the cleanliness of the rooms, as well as their improvement. However, it should be understood that the maid's responsibilities go far beyond the mere cleaners.

In particular, the following tasks are assigned to her shoulders:

  • Maintaining order in the room: wet cleaning, dusting, replacing bed linen, disinfection of the bathroom and so on.
  • Checking the material base. The maid is obliged to inspect all furniture and objects in the room to make sure of their integrity. The same applies to electrical appliances, shower, locks and so on.
  • Control of some paid services. For example, if a guest does not stay without drinks, she must look at the mini-bar every day.

And this is only a small list of those responsibilities thatThere is a job in the hotel (hotel). It should be noted that the management of such institutions can implement their own services. Let's admit, some prestigious houses provide services on washing and ironing things. In this case, the maids every morning go to the rooms, collect specially left clothes, and in the evening, after thorough cleansing, return it back.

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Any self-respecting hotel has in its stateseveral doormen. These workers are primarily responsible for meeting customers at the entrance to the building. They should greet visitors and politely open the door to them. If necessary, they are also obliged to answer all the questions that arise or indicate the way to the reception.

In addition, work at the hotel can turn into a doorman for the following tasks:

  • Helping guests with loading and unloading luggage.
  • Calling a taxi.
  • Providing information about attractions, places for walking, shopping and so on.
  • Help with parking (in expensive hotels there is a separate category of employees for this).
  • Reception of letters, calls and documents of guests.

Who else needs a hotel?

Work at the hotel is multifaceted. Therefore, in addition to all the above posts, there are other, no less popular specialties. Let's go through them quickly:

  1. Cooks. Most hotels offer their customers the opportunity to refresh themselves in the walls of their establishment. The cuisine here can be as simple as commonplace (omelet, oatmeal and black coffee), and very refined (French, Italian, oriental dishes). However, any of the options involves having your own chef and his assistants.
  2. Dry cleaners. Prestigious hotels prefer to use their own laundry, since keeping it is much cheaper than using the services of other companies.
  3. Loaders. They are needed both for the performance of everyday tasks of the hotel (reception of linen, food, household chemicals), and to help guests (delivery of things to the room).
  4. Economists. The more prestigious the hotel, the greater its profit. Therefore, management often recruits a whole economic department: HR managers, marketing specialists, PR specialists, accountants and so on.
  5. Support staff. In order to get ahead of their competitors, hotels will often introduce additional services into their services. Therefore, it should not be surprising that some of them recruit masseurs, fitness trainers, experienced guides, translators and so on into their staff.

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Features of work in the hotel business

The main feature of this work is that,that each employee is responsible not only for himself, but for the whole team as a whole. After all, any mistake lays a dark spot on the reputation of the institution, thereby putting it to the brunt of all its employees.

In addition, work in hotels in Moscow, as inprinciple, and in any other major city, commits to perfectionism. This is due to brutal competition, which allows to survive only those institutions, whose employees perform their duties for five plus.

Work at the hotel: reviews and recommendations

In general, much depends on the specific placework. For example, in some hotels staff is more than satisfied with working conditions and wages, in others, on the contrary, no one lingers for a long time. Therefore experienced people advise to thoroughly study the future work place, before going there for an interview. For example, you can find reviews of employees who have already worked there, on the Internet and check them. But, of course, if it is a presentable expensive hotel, then in most cases, reviews about such establishments are usually more than positive.

Another important point is knowledgein English. Now more and more employers indicate this point when recruiting. Therefore, if you want to get a job in a prestigious hotel, then start learning a foreign language beforehand.

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