Commercial Director: duties and requirements

The Commercial Director is one of the keypositions in any organization. Standard functionality for it includes the following areas: logistics, procurement and supply, marketing and sales. True, in different enterprises, depending on the specifics, the commercial director can perform only part of the above groups of responsibilities. Even there is some misconception that this person manages only sales.

Commercial Director

The commercial director is quite in demanda vacancy by going to any site of a recruitment agency, you can always find a few open positions with very decent terms of remuneration for work. There are a lot of reasons for this, but there are several basic ones. After all, if you analyze what the sales manager is doing and compare it with the current realities of the economy, you can immediately understand the role of this post. Now the main thing is not only to produce goods or have the opportunity to provide some kind of service. Now it is important to find a buyer, win its location and ensure delivery to the point of sale. And it was possible to work simply in a warehouse only in a planned economy.

what is the commercial director doing

In this connection it is clear that to a person,applying for this position, are very high requirements. In addition, even finding a suitable employee, you can not be sure that the sales manager will work long enough in the company. The reason for this is the low degree of structuring of many young, yet completely non-existent companies. And this, in turn, translates into what is often not clearly understood by the commercial director of the functions that are assigned to him. There is no strict regulation of activities, the powers between him and the leader, other services are blurred. Adapt to this situation is difficult, and professionals who know their own worth, go to another employer as soon as they find a suitable place.

A candidate who claims this position mustknow the current legislation, the procedure for procurement, contract work, marketing, logistics, the specifics of the industry in which the organization operates. And, the last requirement is important when choosing an employee for a position. For example, a person who has experience working in a trading company, rather, does not fit a large construction holding company, and vice versa. Of course, a candidate must have a higher education. A graduate who has just finished graduating for this job will not do. The applicant must have practical skills in the promotion of services and goods, have the skills of negotiating and managing the team. First of all, it is the head, therefore the ability to create an effective motivation for the result of the subordinate staff is a necessary requirement.

commercial director functions

Due to the fact that the scope of purchases and sales -quite vulnerable areas of activity in terms of abuse of unscrupulous employees who, for personal gain, can cause damage to the organization, all candidates must be checked. Techniques are different, however, it is possible to find out qualitatively all the information necessary about the applicant only if there are connections in law enforcement structures.

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