Interview in the bank: how to behave, what you need to know, what questions are asked

Work in a bank is considered stable, reliable,prestigious. The selection of employees is tough, since the requirements are high. For the device you need knowledge, presentable appearance and observance of ethical behavior. An equally important stage is an interview in a bank. How to go through it, is told in the article.

Requirements for applicants

Find a job in the bank is real. To do this, you just need to spend time and make some effort. What are the requirements for applicants? The main ones are:

  1. Higher or incomplete higher education.
  2. Russian citizenship.
  3. Use of PC, MS-Office, Internet.
  4. Communicative, purposeful, stress-resistant, learner.

interview at a bank

This is the main list of requirements for applicants,who want to get a job in the bank. In each institution, they may differ slightly. Usually when you work in the first months you have to learn a lot of information, perform various operations, work with clients.

What qualities are needed for the cashier?

A special category of employees is held by cashiers. Many start a career with this position, but not all can be professionals. The position of the cashier is complicated by the fact that you need to work with money every day. And through the employee passes many thousands, and even millions.

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For some, the need to work with moneyis considered the reason for the termination of a cashier's career. This requires attention and concentration. In addition, employees are considered to be materially responsible persons.


The advantages of work include:

  1. Social package.
  2. Fast career growth.
  3. Interesting job.
  4. Constant development.

Disadvantages of the profession

As with any post, a bank employeethere are minuses. Probably, for some they will become insignificant, but nevertheless it is necessary to know about them. In this area, the rule "The customer is always right!" Acts. Even if the client adversely speaks about the bank or employee, he should not be rude. Therefore, you need a lot of patience to work.

It should be borne in mind that the bank is a financialan organization that operates on the instructions of the National Bank. Due to unfair performance of duties comes responsibility: material, disciplinary, criminal.

Job search

How to get a job in a bank? Jobs can be found on the labor exchange, on ads in newspapers and on the Internet. There are special websites where the required posts are posted. It is desirable to learn more about information about some of them. Often after submitting a resume, the applicant is invited to an interview.

how to behave in an interview with a bank

Interviewing stages

The banking sector presupposes competitive selection. First, the resume is studied by a human resources officer who is responsible for recruiting staff, then a telephone interview is conducted. The selected persons are invited to an interview at a bank. It can be conducted by the head or the head of the personnel department. In the Savings Bank is popular group interview at the first stage.

During a full-time interview oftentesting is offered. A person needs to answer some questions. At the end, the final interview is held in the bank with the manager. It determines how much a person fits posts. Often the decision to enroll in a job has already been taken, and the candidate is invited to believe that it meets all the characteristics. The final stage is also important. Therefore, you need to remember about appearance.

Resume writing

To get a job in a bank in Moscow or anyanother city, you need to write a resume. To do this, you should take a form from any site for work. It is important to briefly and effectively describe your skills and work experience. It is necessary to check everything for errors and typos. After all, banking requires care.

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The resume should be prepared for a vacancy for whichit is planned to find a job. It should be emphasized those skills that are designated as requirements for applicants. A photograph needs to be taken where you are in working conditions, in business clothes. A cover letter should be attached to the resume.


If there is an interview in the bank, what you needto know that everything went well? The style of clothing must be strict, businesslike. Things should be chosen classical: a light top and a dark bottom. Colors should not be bright, pastel shades are more suitable.

questions in an interview with a bank

A jacket will not be superfluous. Girls can choose shoes with a heel up to 4 cm, with closed socks. Hair should be collected in a strict hairstyle. Perfume should be applied at a minimum. As an addition to the image can be a light daytime make-up and manicure.


How to behave in an interview at a bank? You must select a line of conduct. It is advisable to practice in front of a mirror. It will allow you to tune in. You should pay attention to your manners, gestures, behavior. The pose should be moderately relaxed. Contact with the eyes of the interlocutor will make it clear that the person is interested in the conversation.

Employees of the banking sector should beemotionally stable, because you have to work with different clients. Therefore, at the interview stage, employers check the employee for stress resistance.

The applicant must clearly answer questions. Phrases should be sure. You should not use phrases that indicate a lack of self-confidence: "as if", "can", "possible". It is desirable to use verbs of the perfect kind, for example "fulfilled", "achieved", "made". Often interviews are conducted in a harsh manner. Do not be nervous, you should answer calmly.

When interviewing, do not sit first,until it is offered. We must listen carefully to the interlocutor, follow the direction of the conversation. Before answering, you need to make sure why this question is asked, since the answer should emphasize the strengths. If you have to discuss the previous place of work, do not criticize the former leader and colleagues. It is not necessary to talk about personal and financial problems, if this is not asked. After the end of the conversation, you should thank the interlocutor.

Your questions

To get a job in a bank in Moscow or anothercity, you need to go through all the stages. Before the interview you should familiarize yourself with the norms of the law relating to the financial and banking sphere. Questions on the interview in the bank are standard, they concern work.

how to get a job in a bank

Among them the most popular are:

  1. Tell us about yourself. This question is difficult for many applicants, especially young ones. On it it will turn out to define ability of self-presentation. It is necessary briefly to tell about past positions, achievements, plans.
  2. Why do you want to work in our bank? It is worth mentioning the advantages of the institution. These may include prospects, stability, the possibility of development.
  3. Why did you quit your previous job? This question is asked to find out if the employee is a conflict. Answer should be without negativity. Change of work can be associated with a desire to develop, self-fulfilling. Respectful neutral responses include: remoteness of work, moving.
  4. Your plans for the next 5 years. This allows you to find out how long a person wants to work in this institution. After all, almost everywhere you need permanent employees.

Almost all examples of the interview in the bank asked similar questions. They are basic. But you should prepare for additional ones.

Practical recommendations

To interview successfully when hiring a bank, you need to prepare for this event. There are several tips that will help in this matter:

  1. Punctuality. Late should not be. From the house it is necessary to leave earlier, to plan the schedule so that all is in time.
  2. About the bank information can be learned from the web. This will allow for a better study of the institution.
  3. In conversation, one must be benevolent. Even if there is a stressful interview, you do not need to lose control.
  4. You should make eye contact. Do not look away from your eyes or gaze at the interlocutor.
  5. It is necessary to prepare a list of questions about the bank. At the end of the event, they are usually asked about them.
  6. Do not immediately ask questions related to the salary and conditions prescribed in the announcement or voiced during a telephone conversation.
  7. It is important to control gestures, do not hide your hands, shrug your shoulders.
  8. If tea or coffee is offered, you should not refuse, it will allow you to gather, and the conversation will be confidential.

How to increase your chances?

It is necessary to prepare documents in advance. A summary is required in 2 copies. It also requires a passport, work record book, diplomas. You should first familiarize yourself with the history of the company, its direction, achievements. To do this, you need to visit its official website, use directories and other valuable sources.

job interview in a bank

It is necessary to plan the route in advance and calculatetime. It is advisable to leave earlier. You need to think about questions and answers. It is important to prepare for psychological tests, tests on IQ and professional issues. A psychological attitude is necessary. It is necessary to tune in to success, and then everything will necessarily happen.

Thus, through training and confidencean interview in the bank will be successful. You should think over all the nuances concerning the event. Only with this approach can we expect to be transferred to the position.

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