Category managers - who is it? Duties and functions

Implementing category management, almost allorganizations face certain challenges and challenges. If you do not understand this issue, the consequences of such implementation will bring much more harm than working in the familiar mode. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand what changes are needed for, and also to know, category managers - who it is and what they can give to the company.

category managers who do it

Why are there problems?

Often the system's inefficiency is due to,that the company does not function in accordance with the chosen philosophy. This may be due to the lack of the required control levers or unwillingness of the staff to perceive the changes. Conflicts can lead to massive layoffs, problems with the goods or failures in the labor process.

In order for category management to be successfully implemented, it is necessary to develop an integrated approach. It is necessary to cover all aspects of the company's activities, not missing a single block.

New structure

Begin the change with the construction of a newstructure of the organization. It is based on the main principle: control is carried out not only vertically, but also horizontally. All units interact and influence each other's activities, so in case of problems there will not be "extreme" ones.

To correctly answer the question: "Category manager - who is this?", It is necessary to understand that he is in charge of the business. Therefore, appointing an accountant or economist for this position is initially wrong.

Job description

To properly prepare this document,It is advisable to adopt the experience of organizations that successfully implemented category management. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to remember the basic conditions: decentralization, the transfer of some managerial aspects, the provision of the ability to make independent decisions, and the concentration of various functions of the company in one hand.

category manager who it is

Where to get specialists?

To understand where to look for staff, you needunderstand, category managers - who is it? It is almost impossible to hire a "ready" specialist. The leader will win much more if he tries to see the necessary qualities in already working employees. The main ability that you need to possess is to be able to think like a buyer. It is important that the potential candidate is distinguished by purposefulness and ambitiousness. Then the chances of success will be much greater.

Main responsibilities

Thinking, the category manager - who it is,it is important to understand that he is not a buyer or seller. First and foremost, he is a manager. His job is to bypass competitors' outlets and analyze their activities. It is very important to give enough attention to marketing and promotion of the category. During the analysis you need to use all available automation tools. Obsolete software does not allow you to see the whole picture and manage processes efficiently.

A category manager must learn to negotiate. It takes a lot of effort and time, but the result is worth it. For this, there are special trainings and courses.

category manager work


The manager must know what the category manager should do. Its work is multifaceted, but first of all it covers such spheres as merchandising, analytics and negotiations.

The specialist should be able to compile and analyze reports in the following areas:

  • extra charge in dynamics - daily;
  • change in the purchase price - every day for the previous one;
  • analysis of all groups and subgroups of goods, valuation of marginal revenue - when entering the product in the range or when it is withdrawn;
  • turnover, as well as laying out and changing the prices of competitors - twice a month.


If we understand, category managers - who it is,then the introduction of the new concept will be easy and give good results. To communicate with people, it takes almost a large part of their working time. The reason for the negotiations may be the following:

  • increase in prices for purchases;
  • discrepancy of the contractual price and the one specified at delivery;
  • short delivery;
  • the desire of the supplier to diversify the range;
  • change in the scope of delivery or the location of the calculation. Some duties may be assumed by the assistant to the category manager;
  • conclusion of contracts;
  • discussion of discounts, promotions and bonuses;
  • return of goods, its replacement, carrying out reconciliation acts;
  • other important reasons that require the presence of two parties.
    assistant to the category manager


Not every leader can immediately answerthe question: "Category managers - who is this?" They must know the basic rules of merchandising and be able to use them. But some share of creativity in this profession is welcomed, so the requirements can be "diluted" creatively.

If the management of the company will clearly followthe basic principles of introducing category management, then in the near future the organization will reach a new level. The emerging conflicts must be solved peacefully, explaining the essence of the new concept to the staff.

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