Occupational safety engineer: duties, job description and instruction

Such a post, as an engineer for labor protection,should exist in any enterprise, regardless of its form of ownership, because the duty of any employer is to provide the most secure conditions for everyone who works in his organization.

An important and very interesting profession

Obviously, there is simply no managementfree time, which could be devoted to monitoring the implementation of all norms and safety rules for each individual worker. Therefore, such a responsible mission is entrusted to the safety engineer, who must have experience as an engineer in the industry, so that the performance of his direct duties is as simple and understandable to him as possible. He must not only control the whole situation at the enterprise, but also make sure that dangerous situations never arise.

Occupational safety engineer

Some nuances

As already mentioned, such a position should exist in any organization. There are some nuances that it is important to know both the employer and the potential engineer:

  • if the enterprise employs more than 50a mandatory labor protection service must be in place (in practice, only a labor protection engineer will be registered in such a small company);
  • the duties of such a specialist in enterprises where fewer than 50 employees can be performed by the head or employee himself, on whom he will impose such duties;

injunction of the occupational safety engineer

  • an occupational safety engineer must have an appropriate education, and preferably experience in such a field;
  • a good specialist must necessarily understandin the current legislative framework, to understand normative acts and specialized rules concerning the area in which the enterprise operates.

More about duties

Before becoming an employee of the company andto begin his new interesting work, the future engineer for labor protection his duties should not just superficially know, but be absolutely and completely aware of them, because a large enterprise, which will work such a specialist, is a dangerous object.

The list of the most important and paramount duties of the occupational safety engineer should include the following:

  • Certification of workplaces. It is clear that a safe enterprise mustconsist of safe jobs. The duties of a labor safety engineer imply that the specialist must personally verify their condition and maintain current control over him, promptly reacting to any kind of danger. Attestation of the workplace should be conducted at least once every five years. Also, new equipment must be subject to certification, which is not yet involved in production.
  • The injunction of the occupational safety engineer states thathe should not just conduct attestations, but also, after finding inconsistencies, to offer solutions to a particular issue. In large and developed organizations, there is the practice of seeking new solutions to such problems through holding events where employees themselves can express their opinion on how to make work more secure.
  • Attestation of workers. In any organization (even in educational institutions) special lectures are held, at which the workers (students) should be explained in detail the safety rules. Confirmation that such lectures were heard by each of the employees are their signatures in a special registration journal.

job duties of labor safety engineer

  • If the enterprise has a whole service forlabor protection, the basic duties of the labor safety engineer also include a regular planned and unscheduled inspection of the compliance of the level of safety in each individual shop or department. If a discrepancy is found, the responsible person will be responsible. The head has the right to choose the punishment measure for his subordinate.
  • Commission for the investigation of accidents, inwhich must also include a health and safety engineer, must make important decisions related to compensation for damage to one or another employee who has suffered during the labor process. This means that the labor safety engineer's instruction also includes information that clearly states that an expert should understand the letter of the law and operate with rules and regulations that apply to the activities of the organization.

Also, the entrepreneur has every right to change this list, adding new responsibilities to it.

What should a good safety engineer know?

In order to be able to perform their duties without any problems and difficulties, any safety engineer should be well acquainted with:

  • the Labor Code: this is the main document that will serve as the basis for decision-making;
  • Acts of legislation that are directly related to the safety of production; the specialist should also closely monitor the updating of such a database;

the main duties of a labor safety engineer

  • terms and regularity of carrying out of repeated attestations and actions which should teach the usual worker how to secure itself in the course of activity;
  • features of equipment that functionsat the enterprise: this fact is very important, because without the necessary knowledge it will be unrealistic to conduct certification of equipment; and this means that by his own hands will sign, perhaps, an inadequate document engineer for labor protection;
  • responsibilities and responsibilities of eacha separate head of the shop or department, because understanding who is responsible for what and what is responsible for the enterprise is the first step to the most perfect organization of activities.

Can a large enterprise employ only one labor protection engineer?

Duties (education here is greatvalue) of an engineer can be performed by a small company with one person. But the employer should be himself interested, so that the number of workers and similar specialists corresponded to the proportion, that is, the larger the enterprise, the more engineers on labor protection. After all, it is much cheaper to ensure the safety of the labor process than to pay the bills of victims during work in unsafe conditions of employees.

On the Rights of the Occupational Safety Engineer

Since the work of this specialist in the largerdegree associated with monitoring and timely verification, he has, for example, the right without warning to enter any work shop and inspect any workplace.

The engineer for labor protection has the right:

  • to make sure of the correctness of drawing up of documents, which concern labor and technical safety of equipment;
  • help managers make decisions about imposing penalties on employees who violate safety standards, endangering themselves, other people, equipment;

engineer for labor protection duties in ZhKH

  • to introduce for the consideration of heads the issue of encouraging workers who comply with all the rules of safety and labor protection;
  • temporarily remove from execution of their directlabor duties of persons who deliberately violently violate safety techniques, until the period when the leading link decides on the measure of punishment that the safety engineer must also approve.

The duties and rights of a specialist in this field are directly related and can also be interdependently varied.

Who directly interacts with the health and safety engineer?

Obligations (introductory briefing here alsoincludes) a labor safety engineer say that he must constantly cooperate with technical workers, engineers and shop managers, auxiliary personnel, higher authorities.

Regardless of the size of the enterprise and the number of assistants, the safety engineer has the entire responsibility for the safety of the entire organization on his shoulders.

Requirements to which the modern engineer for labor protection must meet

We have already briefly reviewed the responsibilities, now we will draw up a picture of what the head of a good enterprise will demand from a prospective employee.

engineer for occupational safety duties introductory briefing

So, these are the following qualities:

  • confident computer skills - since the health and safety engineer must timely form and provide reporting, without the help of computer technology and basic programs can not do;
  • successful passing of labor protection inspections: since preference is given to candidates,who have already worked in this field for some time (not only as a labor safety engineer), accordingly, they had to pass such checks without any comments and problems;
  • ability to interact with inspection bodies, as the reporting on labor protection will becheck the higher authorities of the state; the engineer for labor protection must provide it in its entirety, on time, to be able to explain the data that is displayed in it.

And, as already mentioned, without a knowledge of the legislative base for a highly paid position in a good organization, a potential employee may not count.

safety engineer duties briefly

On payment for the performance of such duties

Good security engineer in a large corporationcan earn about ten to twelve minimum monthly wages. In government institutions, remuneration will be much lower, despite the fact that there the person will also work for exactly the same position - "Safety Engineer". Obligations in housing, for example, in fact, it will be similar, as in the aforementioned specialist. This graduation is related to the organization's ability to pay and the form of security. Budget organizations - this is a good start for young professionals, because here you can get the experience required from everyone, whose title is called "Safety Engineer." Duties in school, for example, such a specialist will be simple, but they will be enough to study the nuances and subtleties of this profession.

And finally ...

Occupational safety engineer should occupy only a very responsible person, because it will depend on the lives of dozens, hundreds of workers, who are waiting at home for families.

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