Business Career: Management And Planning.

Business career Is progressive progress in a certain sphere of professional activity. It involves a qualitative andprofessional growth, advanced training, development of abilities. On the other hand, an increase in the amount of remuneration for the work done is involved in this notion.

Business career involves not onlycareer advancement. The qualitative side of a career implies the development in a certain kind of activity or occupation. That is, you can bring a huge number of varieties of careers, depending on the professional characteristics of human activities. It can be a career as an artist, manager, doctor, politician or military man.

Progress professional is directly related to the individual characteristics of a particular person, his main character traits, such as dedication, ambition, etc. Awareness and personal vision of your future in the profession is the basis of the movement up the stairs. It is from here that the position is formingman in the professional and working sphere. To the factors influencing career growth it is possible to relate confidently personal life, that is, life outside work.

Since in this issue so much depends on the subjective characteristics of a person, it is logical to conclude that the management of promotion is also in the hands of a person. Indeed, planning a business career most directly affects the real progress.

Allocate different types of career. She may be interorganizational and in-house. Identify a career professional specialized and non-specialized. There is such a thing as a career horizontal, vertical and hidden (or centripetal).

The most harmonious and promising optionis career planning so that development goes both at the professional and at the intra-organizational level. Managing a business career in this context requires a person to fulfill several of the following tasks: understanding the relationship between the future development of the whole company and themselves in its composition, planning their own opportunities in accordance with professional achievements and prospects for promotion, eliminating "dead ends" of career growth, development in order to avoid unrealized expectations, etc.

The professional career of a professional in a certain field includes several classical stages. These are original segments of a person's life in the sphere of his professional activity.

The preliminary stage is the time of study andpreparation for work. Usually lasts up to 28 years. This time is given to find your place. Then there is a stage of becoming, which lasts about five years. This time is spent on mastering the chosen professions and forming qualifications.

Only after this can we talk about the stagepromotion. Actually, the business career as such from this stage only begins (in the traditional sense). This stage stretches for about 15 years (up to 45) and is accompanied by upgrading skills, acquiring experience, skills and obtaining a higher status, as well as the necessary independence. The confident self-expression of a person begins as a person. A person strives for a higher payment of his labor, and there is interest in other alternative sources of additional income.

At the stage of conservation, the peak of the career begins. It lasts up to 60 years. At this time, continuing education. This period is already characterized by creativity. He achieved independence and self-expression.

And the final stage is the completion of a career. The man is already thinking about rest. It is a crisis period when a business career ceases to have an increased value in the eyes of a person. It's time to think about self-expression in other activities. For example, in your favorite hobby. </ strong </ p>

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