What kind of profession is a logist?

With the arrival of a market economy, the mostdemanded in the labor market were system administrators, managers and logistics. But if something is known about system administrators and managers, then not everyone knows about who such a logistics is. Information about this - in front of you!

Who is a Logistic
The profession of logistics is directly related tocommodity market. Transport logistics includes everything related to the movement of products (from the place of its production to the point of storage and delivery of products to the final point). The mechanism of delivery of goods must be carefully debugged. This is necessary for the goods to reach the place of sale on time and bring profit.

Warehouse logistics includes a range of processes associated with the storage of goods in warehouse terminals. A specialist who controls this supply chain is called a logistics operator.

The logistic profession assumes a highereducation in this specialty. Recently, logistics specialists have been trained at SU-HSE, the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute, the State University of Management, as well as at non-state educational institutions such as the Logistics Center and the Moscow School of Business.

Occupation logist
Logistic work is very diverse. His activities are closely connected with all parts of the company. This specialist needs to be able to analyze large amounts of information in order to choose the optimal route, calculate the cost of transportation and its terms, organize the process, constantly in contact with customs officers, suppliers, warehouse workers. He must be able to count (basic knowledge of accounting is necessary), to study the structure of demand and to make analysis of commodity stocks (here knowledge about marketing is necessary), to lead the team (management skills should be on top). A logisticist must have the skills to communicate with all the "links", be very communicative, have a mathematical mindset and be able to professionally use the appropriate programs necessary for the work. A logistician who has to work with suppliers from abroad needs to know perfectly foreign languages.

The logistic profession is characterized by multiplerisks, because it is associated with the supply of goods. Goods not delivered on time are not only costs, but also loss of customer confidence. If the customs documents are improperly issued, the goods simply will not pass through the border. Therefore, the profession of logistics is suitable for people who are able to make important decisions at the right time.

Functional responsibilities:

  • work with providers;
  • work with clients;
  • document management;
  • order formation;
  • placing an order;
  • submission of documents to the customs authorities;
  • control of warehouse operation;
  • control of the transport service;
  • forecasting the optimal procurement regime;
  • direction of goods.

Logist profession
Profession logisticians are most in demand in tradingnetworks, services that deliver goods, and at enterprises involved in the supply of raw materials and components. Experienced logisticians are valued "in weight of gold." The salary of a logisticist depends both on his work experience and on the availability of necessary qualities. Want to build a career as a logistician? Start as a junior logistician. To begin with, warehouse logistics is suitable. Good luck!

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