How to exit Safe Mode in Windows 7. Disabling Safe Mode in Windows 7

In order to detect broken drivers,troubleshoot system problems, identify and remove malicious programs, as a rule, use the safe mode (BR). When you download and install unlicensed software, there is a risk that your computer will stop loading at all. Running the BR, you can use the system restore, selecting the point when the computer worked without fail. But it's also important to know how to exit the safe mode of Windows 7.

how to exit safe mode windows 7


Safe mode is designed to detectfaults and restore the normal operation of the system. In this mode only the most necessary programs and drivers are launched, which increases the chances of successful loading of the operating system. Running the safe mode of Windows 7 occurs with a minimum resolution of graphics (800 x 600 pixels), so the interface has a simpler look.

start safe mode windows 7

It is important to know that when you use the BR you do not havewill be able to connect to the Internet, because the drivers required for this device will not load. However, this problem is solved by selecting the BR with the load of the corresponding drivers.

Remember that in a safe mode, third-party programs (for example, games) are not downloaded, since the ones that are needed to run the operating system are launched.

How to start Safe Mode?

One option to go to the BR Win 7 -use the F8 key on the keyboard while the computer is booting / rebooting. Pressing it repeatedly will bring up a menu in which you need to specify one of the options for starting the OS:

  • Standard BR includes the basic drivers that support the operation of Windows.
  • With the support of network drivers - drivers are started, enabling you to connect to the Internet.
  • With command line support - this line is loaded (Command Promt).
  • Last successful configuration - the system is loaded using the last saved working parameters.

load safe mode windows 7

There are other options for launching the BR (for example,debug mode, VGA mode). You can switch between them using the arrow keys (if necessary, check that Num Lock is on).

To load a secure Windows 7 mode by using the "msconfig" command

The way of loading BR, about which it is written above,is relevant in the case when for some reason you can not start the computer in the standard mode. If you have such an option, we recommend using the "System Configuration" tool.

Press the combination of buttons Win + R to appearwindow where you need to enter the command "msconfig". The "System Configuration" section opens, where you need to select "Download". Now check the box next to the "Safe Mode" option and check the "Minimum" option.

disabling safe mode windows 7

It remains only to press "OK" and select the "Reset" button. If you want the next Windows startup to be performed in safe mode, then click the Quit without reboot button.

Disable Safe Mode

So, you should not cause problems to start, nowyou need to figure out how to exit the safe mode of Windows 7. In fact, everything is very simple, because you will need to perform all the same actions as when you boot using the command "msconfig".

When you find and fix any problems with the computer, go back to the system configuration and uncheck the box next to the "Safe Mode" option.

After the computer restarts, the safe mode of Windows 7 will be disabled.

I can not run Safe Mode. Solutions to the problem

Sometimes when you try to boot the system into the BRa blue screen appears. Most likely, this is due to a registry change. How to fix the current situation? It is recommended to try to restore the damaged registry using the free utility SafeBootKeyRepair. You can download it from the Kaspersky Lab website, for example.

Unpack the archive and run the file that corresponds to the Windows 7 operating system. Now, restart the computer and try to start the BR again.

There is another way - the use of antivirusAVZ. Download and run it. Now select the "File" section, and then "System Restore". After that, check the box next to "Restore boot settings to SafeMode" and click "Run checked operations".

Troubleshooting in Safe Mode

So, you know how to exit the safe mode of Windows 7 and how to run it. Now we need to find and eliminate the reason for the system crash.

Well, if you know what program harms the computer. In that case, simply go to the control panel, then open the "Programs and Features" section and delete the conflicting file.

If you do not know exactly what leads toincorrect operation of the computer, it is recommended to check all programs that are in the startup. Perhaps you can find one that hinders the normal operation of the system.

Another option is to try to restore the OS.Right-click on the "Computer" icon (located on the desktop) and go to "Properties". Open "System Protection" (left menu) and click "Restore". Now, specify a recovery point or check the "Recommended recovery" feature.

Good to know!

There are keyboards on which the F1-F12 buttons are disabled by default. To enable them, you must press the Fn key (it can have another name, for example, F-key).

disable safe mode windows 7

To bring up a menu with OS boot options, you need to press the F8 button before the Win 7 OS icon appears.

If you use the arrows that are located on the number keys, make sure Num Lock is on.

In new computer models, when you press F8You may not see a menu with options for safe mode, but a window where you are prompted to choose from which device to boot the system. Use the arrow keys to select the appropriate option and press F8 again.

After fixing the problem, do not forget to disable the safe mode of Windows 7 in the system configurations.


Now, knowing how to get out of the safeWindows 7 mode, and most importantly - by learning how to run it, you will be able to remove malicious programs yourself, use system recovery. There is nothing complicated here. You just need to stick to some recommendations.

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