Inventor of a computer mouse. The history of the computer mouse

If you read this article, then in 89 percent of the100 you are a happy owner of a computer mouse (the rest percentages are just as happy owners of touchscreens, touch screens, possibly diluted by a very small number of those who use the trackball or "crushes the keyboard" ...).

Most likely, this fine computer animalnow is in your hand or is relaxing somewhere nearby, ready to always come to the rescue, so comfortable, habitually ergonomic, similar in form to a real mouse.

inventor of a computer mouse


And did you know that this "mouse" this gadgetwas not always? The one who invented the computer mouse, called his offspring strictly and scientifically - "indicator of the coordinates of x and y for the display system." And the small rodent, this indicator could only remind a person with a phenomenally developed imagination or with a good futuristic flair. Well, except that the wire remotely resembled a tail, but then the iron can also be called a mouse ... In short, who christened this unit with a mouse is a mystery that has yet to be investigated ... However, let's talk about everything in order.

who invented a computer mouse

The history of the computer mouse

Nice and pretty long.Meet: the first computer mouse (photo above the section of the article). Just remember the textbook phrase about wooden toys. Who invented the computer mouse? American scientist Douglas Engelbart. As he himself said, the idea of ​​creating an adaptation that facilitates working with operating systems, came to him in 1951. And the idea for a nice parallelepiped from a natural tree was realized, when the inventor of a computer mouse was working on a new operating system very reminiscent of that with which modern users are dealing.

The first prototype of the current mouse was developedEngelbart in 1964. Two more people took part in its creation: graduate student Bill English, who assembled the first manipulator, and joined the group later Jeff Rulifson, the man who developed the drivers for the mouse.

who is the inventor of the computer mouse

The device of the first computer mouse

Look at the photos of the first mouse (bottom view) andcompare it with your computer rodent. Yes, there is a fundamental difference: the monogram on the working plane could not be written out, since the two wheels restricted maneuverability. It was possible to move the mouse only to the left and to the right and back and forth. That is, this manipulator had a direct drive. There was only one button on the case. The mouse in the photo shows the one who is the inventor of the computer mouse, - Douglas Engelbart himself (photo of our days). By the way, the legendary mouse-shaped gadget was not the first attempt to create a computer manipulator. A trackball was invented before the mouse.

computer mouse history

Prototype or older brother?

The principle of the trackball recallsthe work of a computer mouse, just the opposite: you need to twist the ball with your hands. Developed by his Canadian scientists Tom Cranston (not to be confused with the same name actor), Fred Longstaff and Kenyonne for the Royal Navy of Canada in 1952. But then the trackballs were released no more than 10 - they did not like the military sailors ... maybe the size, because the balls in them were balls for bowling.

You can meet the statement that it is the trackballserved as a prototype computer mouse. But it was mentioned above that the inventor of a computer mouse was considering the idea of ​​creating his own manipulator earlier, in 1951.

Trackball (photo above the section you are nowread) are used now. They have one advantage: for manipulation with the help of a trackball, unlike a mouse, it does not take much space and a flat surface, and it is less sensitive to vibrations. Therefore, such a manipulator is often equipped with any professional clever technique, meaning field, not too comfortable conditions, in which it will have to work.

computer mouse history

9 December 1968

The official birthday of a computer mouse.On this day the newborn was presented to the public during a scientific conference in San Francisco, where it made a furor with its innovative functions for that time.

The inventor of the computer mouse received for hischild of the award in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. For those times the amount is quite decent. A newborn baby began to quickly learn and improve with the help of a lot of smart people. And began its triumphant introduction into the family of important and vital computer gadgets. So necessary that the threat of parents to annex a mouse for bad behavior and performance is perceived by a negligent child in about the same way as the chance to "grab a belt in a soft spot" in the childhood of generations who knew about mice only that they are gray, gnawing everything that hits their teeth, and they are afraid of cats.

manipulator Kolobok computer mouse

The evolution of a computer mouse

The first company that appreciatedfunctional perspective baby mouse, was Xerox. Here in the 70s of the last century, the mouse learned to move differently by replacing the wheels with a ball and merged into a friendly complete set of personal computer Alto. But at that time the computer beast was not destined to show itself to users in all its glory: the PC did not go into production.

And only in 1981 as part of a beautiful teamXerox 8010 StInformation Sistem a computer mouse broke free. True, she was a rather expensive person, since her cost was 400 American dollars.

More affordable at a price made by engineers from Apple. Designed for the Lisa PC, the mouse dropped to $ 25, so it became more affordable.

It should be noted that in the USSR, too,gadget. The Soviet computer mouse (photo above the section) had a somewhat frivolous, but quite official name, "Kolobok manipulator." Was equipped with three buttons - about the appointment of the middle of them still do not cease to argue among the gray-haired first users, who had the good fortune to keep this rare now in the hands. But judging by their feedback on the forums, despite its impressive weight and impressive tail thickness, the manipulator worked no worse than any others.

modern computer mouse

Modern computer mouse

Most likely, the inventor of a computer mouseassumed that his brainchild would take an important place among the gadgets. But did he think that computer manipulators would be the same as now? Perhaps, because he is a scientist.

For the entire history of computer mouse development the most significant change has been made by the sensors responsible for the movement: from a manipulator with direct drive to opto-mechanical ones and finally to optical ones.

The moment came when the mouse lost its tail and became wireless.

Looking at the photos of the first computer manipulators, it is difficult to restrain a smile - they are so imperfect in comparison with the current ones. But they are an important part of the history of the computer mouse.

In two years will be half a century, as the manipulator mouse was born. This is a serious anniversary. I wonder how long it will remain as an important part of our computer life with us?

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