Team Fortress 2: System Requirements and Overview

Team Fortress 2 - a well-known cooperative shooter,released by Valve. This developer can boast of a great experience in creating multiplayer games, so it was very successful and high-quality Team Fortress 2. System requirements, a review of mechanics and gameplay, read on.

team fortress 2 system requirements

The essence of the game

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayershooter from the third or first person, which is made on the platform Source. This game engine was used in almost all gaming projects of the company - from CS to Dota 2. Many players are attracted by a unique graphic style. The whole game is made in a cartoon style. Locations, characters - everything is depicted in a caricatured key.

Good optimization and accessibility for everyone - that's it.the main secret of the success of Team Fortress 2. System requirements are low - the game will launch even on a computer with iron 4-5 years ago and will feel great. Secondly, the project is completely free, which further expands the gaming audience. Play for any classes, on all maps and in any mode you can absolutely free. The only paid content in the game is changing the appearance of the characters and weapons. The balance in the game, these objects in no way affect, so you do not need to buy them at all. The outcome of any battle depends only on the personal skills of the players, and not on the amount of "donat".

 team fortress 2 game

Mechanics of the game

Team Fortress 2 gives the playera huge selection of classes of characters. All of them are divided into three main groups (attack, defense and support). Each of them performs a certain role in the game. Without the presence of this or that class in a battle, the team can obviously lose, because there are no useless skills in the game.

The first class of attack includes scouts, soldiers andincendiaries. The first are a local analog of assassins. Quick moves allow you to explore the map and find enemies' positions before they find your allies. A soldier is the main striking force. Slow, but very powerful character with increased health and causes a lot of damage to the area. The arsonist sweeps everything in its path with the help of a flamethrower. Very unpleasant class for the enemy team, as the characters continue to lose their health points for a while after the arson. Protection and support classes are also divided into three branches. More details can be found in the latest version of Team Fortress 2, which can be downloaded for free through the Steam service.

Each match is a set of cards for which players vote. After voting, a mode is chosen, which in the game is more than 10 pieces. All cards differ in the theme and style of performance.

version team fortress 2

Team Fortress 2: System Requirements

Before the release of the game, the developers made publicgeneral system requirements that will allow launching the shooter: processor with 2 cores of 1.7 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, video card with a capacity of 128 MB. Since the game was released in 2007, it supports all operating systems from Windows XP and higher. For Team Fortress 2 system requirements - it's just a formality: now you can run the game even on the weakest laptop. This performance largely depends on the optimized game engine Source.

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