Details on how to put emoticons in Instagram

In the "Instagram" is currently presenta lot of disadvantages, and the main one is that users of mobile devices that work on the "Android" platform do not have the ability to set smiles in the comments. At the same time, there are no other recommendations on how to do this. Many users of this popular program regularly ask a question about how to put Smileys in the Instagram. In fact, the question is interesting. If you start to solve it yourself, you can spend a lot of time, because many people do not understand exactly where other participants take these funny pictures, because there are not any of them in the application's capabilities. Today we will try to disassemble this issue in detail and give some basic ways with which you can learn to put smiles in the comments to the records.


how to set emoticons in instagramme
At once I would like to say that it is strangethat the developers of this multifunctional and popular application have missed this decision. After all, you could add smiles to the main interface, and then it would be convenient for all users to install them in the comments, but this, unfortunately, is not expected in the near future. Therefore, read the ways that we have given below. Let's now talk about how to put emoticons in Instagram. Instead of images, you can use symbols that were used earlier in text messages, or rather - it's brackets and punctuation marks. If that's not enough, read the instructions below and then you'll learn how to install emoticons right in the comment.


how to set smiles in smile
Perhaps you did not know that in the presenttime there are additional keyboards that are designed specifically for the images we need. In order to install emails on the "Instagram" on a mobile device that works on the "Android" platform, you will first need to visit Google Play, and in the search string to lead a special phrase. For example, this: "smilies for instagram." Remember that this phrase can not be changed, otherwise in the form of issuance you will be provided with completely different options that may not be suitable for this project. When you find the necessary application, you can proceed to the solution of the question of how to embed emoticons in Instagram.


how to embed smilies in instagramme
Let's now figure out how to correctlyInstall the keyboard on your mobile device. To understand how to put emoticons in Instagram, the Go Keyboard application will help you. This keyboard is great for this social network. We recommend that you download it only from an official source, and then the question of how to put emoticons in Instagram will be completely solved for you. After the keyboard has been loaded and installed, you will only have to select a suitable smiley for the comment and click on it. As a result, you can see it already in the text. The keyboard is very convenient and easy to use, and most importantly - due to its capabilities, the question of how to put emoticons in Instagram, you will no longer ever arise.

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