Intel Network Controller

Intel Corporation is known not only for itsadvanced in all senses by processors, hand in hand with their production, the company conducts several other projects, in particular, it produces a large number of different products in the market of network communications. So it's no surprise that any network controller (the more common name of this device is the network adapter) from this outstanding company has long been deservedly taken as a benchmark when compared with other similar devices.

Every year Intel presents several new products. Among them, a gigabit Ethernet network controller created using the CSA (Communications Streaming Architecture). And the world's first server adapter with a bandwidth of 10 Gbit for use in large networks and enterprises.

What is behind the name CSA?

The CSA architecture built into the network controllerIntel PRO / 1000 CT, provides a twofold increase in the throughput of computers connected to a gigabit data network. This board, thanks to its outstanding capabilities, without exaggeration, can be considered the most advanced in the world development among "desktop" network adapters.

With the new CSA architecture that providesdirect connection of the adapter to the memory chips, bypassing the PCI bus, the computer resources are exempt from unnecessary operations. This, in turn, significantly reduces the loading of the system with a large amount of data pumped through it. Of course, it takes into account such a hardware feature and CSA compatible driver, the network controller is supplied with updated versions for most systems.

As a result, an adapter with CSA technology on board canachieve a speed of 2 Gb / s and almost double the maximum allowed for standard devices speed of information exchange. This increase certainly did not go unnoticed among those technical specialists for whom the task of increasing the capacity of networks with minimal costs is a daily headache.

The world's first 10 Gb interface for local servers

Intel offers a one-of-a-kinda ten-gigabit adapter for local Ethernet networks, which the company positions as a solution for the loaded servers. All the 10 Gbit implementations that have been created so far are aimed primarily at the use in switches used in the production of supercomputers. And now, thanks to Intel and its product, Intel PRO / 10GbE LR adapter, all the power of data transmission via the 10 Gbit interface will be available even for small companies. With this network card, all those who need to organize a broadband data transfer environment for a large number of tasks, including the exchange of large file sizes between network nodes, will be able to accomplish their tasks with a few simple and easily configurable devices. The network controller, whose driver supports any server OS, can be easily integrated into any, even heterogeneous server environments, where it immediately provides all the advantages of 10 Gbps speed over 1 Gbps interfaces. Well, for those who need to connect several remote points along the trunk, it will be interesting to know that the maximum connection length of two Intel PRO / 10GbE LR is 10 km using a single-mode optical cable.

Interestingly, the creators of supercomputers, toonoticed the novelty, and as soon as Intel got the first samples of its adapter, Cray company, whose name is known to anyone who is interested in IT technologies, began to test this network controller for inclusion in the program to develop the world-famous Red Storm project. For a long time this supercomputer was the fastest on the planet with a speed of 1 Tflop. Then this figure was doubled, the next ambitious target was set at 40 Tflops. And for such a speed of operations required new interfaces for data exchange with the outside world.

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