How to remove programs on "Windows 8". Uninstalling applications in different ways

Some time after the purchase of the computer on its hard drives, a lot of programs and applications accumulate, which were not immediately necessary or you do not use them anymore.

This is due to the fact that the developerstry to "stick" into the operating system of their applications, even if they do not have significant benefits and you absolutely do not need them. In the new OS "Windus 8" on the "Home screen" are the so-called Metro applications (pre-installed), which often only interfere. For example, not all users need Bing, but this service is present on the start screen.

how to remove programs on windows 8

That's why you need to figure out how to remove the programs on "Windows 8". And you can do it yourself, after reading the article.

We act through the PU

Delete programs in Windows 8 is even easier than inprevious versions of the operating system. It is worth saying that, for example, in the same "seven" or XP, you can do this very easily, but in the eighth version of the OS, the transition to the desired section is much faster.

So, how to remove programs on "Windows 8" through"Control Panel" (PU)? Move the cursor to the "Start" icon in the lower left corner and click on it PCM (right-click). A context menu opens, where you will see two options for further action.

how to remove programs on windows 8 via the control panel

The first of these is the transition to "Paneland then you will need to select the "Remove Programs" subsection. The "Programs and Features" window opens. Here, select the application you want to dispose of, click the checkbox next to it, and click "Remove" at the top. It remains to confirm your decision by clicking the "OK" button

how to remove programs

The second option allows you to immediately get into the "Programs and components", as in the drop-down menu "Start" there is such an item.

How to uninstall applications from the "Home screen"?

You have purchased a computer or a laptop with a Windows operating system8. "How do I remove programs located on the" Home screen "? Most of them you do not need, and many users as a result of a large number of tiles for a long time can not find this or that program. And do you often use, for example, the application" You probably can not remove programs from the "Home screen" without fear of harming the operating system.

how to uninstall the application from the initial screen of windows 8

To get rid of the application on"Home screen", click on it PCM, and then check the "Delete" option below. If you just want to exclude it, select "Undock". Thus, the program remains on the computer, and the icon disappears.

Now you know how to uninstall programs on "Windows 8", which you can not get rid of via PU.

Uninstalling programs from "Startup"

Applications that automatically startsimultaneously with Windows, significantly slow down the system load. Of course, you can leave in the "Autorun" those programs that you really need. However, it is recommended to remove superfluous applications from "Auto Backup", as a result of which your computer will be ready to work much faster.

So, on your PC is installed OS "Windus 8".How to uninstall programs from Auto Backup? Call the "Start" context menu by clicking on the corresponding button. Now go into "Device Manager" and open the "Startup" subsection. Install the checkbox next to an unnecessary application and click on "Delete".

how to remove programs from startup

As you can see, in the eighth version of "Windows" programs from "Autorun" are deleted through the "Device Manager". For example, in the "Seven" you had to open the "System Configuration" using the command "msconfig".

Helpful Tips

Knowing how to uninstall programs on Windows 8hurry to get rid of everything in a row, because some of them are needed for normal operation of the OS. It is extremely undesirable to disable the anti-virus program in "Startup", especially delete it from your computer.

As for other applications, it is better to get rid of them. For example, you rarely use ICQ. Then why do you need it when there are other means of communication now?


Unlike previous versions of Windows, removeThe programs at the G8 are a little easier. But now there is a "Home screen", where there are Metro applications. Most of them are absolutely useless for ordinary users, and you can not get rid of them through the "Control Panel".

However, now you know how to remove the "Windows 8" program, so you can easily do it without help.

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