How to become engaged in "Avatar": advice to players

Some players from time to time think,how to be engaged in "Avatar" and play a wedding here. In fact, this issue is solved easily and simply. Just need to know some of the nuances of the process. For example, the rules of engagement. They exist everywhere. Note that "Avatar" is a game that is as close to real life as possible. So, everything will happen here on a similar principle.

how to be engaged in an avatar

Registration rules

The first thing you should pay attention to is thegame there are certain limitations. And if they are not respected, it will be impossible once and for all to decide for themselves the question of how to be engaged in the "Avatar". Fortunately, there are not so many rules. Remember them easily and easily.

For example, same-sex marriages in the game are prohibited. A girl can not be engaged to a girl, but a guy with a boyfriend. No matter how hard you try, it will not work out for you.

Engagement is marriage. And only a guy can make a marriage proposal. The girl "to drag under the crown" here can not by any forces. There is simply no such function. Have thought how to be engaged in "Avatar" with the guy? To do this, you will have to make him offer you.

At any time, you can interrupt the engagement (wedding). But in this case, the relationship between players will deteriorate. In principle, there is nothing more special in our today's process - everything is like in life.

how to be engaged in an avatar with a guy

For friends

How to be engaged in "Avatar"? First you need to go through the stage of acquaintance. You should find yourself a guy (or girl), get to know him / her, and make friends. This is an integral part of the process.

Please note - without friendship and additionsuser in your friends list (in the app) you can not play the wedding. Secretly this idea is not realized either. Therefore, you can not miss the period of friendship.

Enhancing Relationships

After you have made friends with someone,will have to maintain a relationship with this player. Moreover, if you are interested in how to be engaged in "Avatar", you must constantly work on your communication. And to become a couple.

To do this, have a good try. Do together with the girl / boy a joint action, give each other gifts, have fun - anything that can improve your relationship, suitable for implementation.

But to do different dirty tricks to each other is impossible. This is generally prohibited. What can lower the level of relations, the future couple will have to forget. In any case, in relation to each other. Once you become close friends, you can declare yourself a couple. This step, like friendship, can not be missed. Therefore, if it is interesting, how to be engaged in "Avatar", be reserved for patience, time and energy - all actions in this game need it.

how to be engaged in an avatar with a girl


Well, we almost got to the finalthe solution of our today's question. How to be engaged in "Avatar" with a girl? For this, as already mentioned, you must have a close relationship with the selected player. And while your character must - be a guy. A girl with a girl can not be engaged. Have you already become a couple? Then the answer is quite close.

Now you can kiss and hug. In every way try to improve the level of your relationship, being paired with this or that player. Do not forget that the betrothal should be close to real life. To play a wedding, you need to buy in the store rings and costumes. Next, make an offer to the girl with the help of the acquired "items" and, if she agrees, you can agree on the holiday. Assign a date, time and place of celebration - it's done. It's so easy and simple to decide how to be engaged and engaged in the "Avatar". In fact, you can realize the idea in life in just a few days.

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