New Android Features: Remote Control

There are a number of usesgadgets operating under the operating system "Android", designed to provide additional comfort and convenience to the user. For example, you have a tablet or smartphone with an HDMI output that you decide to connect to your TV to watch movies on the big screen. For many, this may seem inconvenient, since it is not possible to control the process remotely, as in the case of using a media player. However, there is a way out of this situation.

You can take another device based on"Android", if available, and using a special free application Tablet Remote, turn it into a kind of remote control any gadget you have at your disposal. The program should be simply installed on both devices and set up properly.

Android Remote Control

Android: Remote Control with Tablet Remote

This program is designed to implementcontrol the processes of playing music and video, adjust the volume and brightness of the image, send commands such as "Pause", "Play", "Rewind", and to switch tracks. In addition, the user has the ability to submit system commands: "Menu", "Back", "Search" and "Home", as well as text input on the second device through the on-screen keyboard. For all this, you do not even need Root rights on both devices.

Android Device Manager


To configure the operation of thisprogram, it is necessary that it is launched on both devices. Next you need to turn on them Bluetooth, and then connect to each other. To do this, select Connection - Scan Devices, and after discovering the device, click Make Device Discoverable, which will display it in the list. Since by default the bluetooth is only activated for 2 minutes, it is necessary to remove this restriction in the settings of each device. Now on the device you will be controlling, it is necessary to enter the settings of the previously opened and started program, then click Setup, and then turn on the options: "Enable Tablet Remote" and "Change The Input Method for Tablet Remote". With all these manipulations, you can configure remote management of Android.

Once settings are complete, you can simply click ongadget used in the role of the control panel, Remote button, after which a window will be opened on it that simulates this remote control. With its help, you will send the necessary commands to the second device. To enable full-screen mode, you must enable the Hide Status Bar option in the settings section of your application. This program works perfectly on tablets and on phones.

Remote control of your computer with android

Remote management and its capabilities

Using this feature gives the user certain advantages:

- location of the device;

- the ability to ring the device, that is, to force the audio signal at maximum volume.

In addition, if you have an application for remote management with administrator rights, then you can also:

- block the phone at a distance;

- erase personal information from the gadget's memory.

So, you have a smartphone based on Android,remote management of which you are very interested. First, you need to make sure that the version of Google used in the device is able to give you such an opportunity, that is, it supports it. If you have the "Android Remote Management" page in Google Settings, then you can work.

Otherwise, you need to check the possibilityinstall the update. Next you need to enter the settings, select the appropriate item, where you need to install one or more checkmarks to confirm the selection. At this work with the configuration of remote management can be considered complete. It is important to remember that the device can not accept commands and send data about its whereabouts, if it does not have an Internet connection.

It turns out that the phone will need eitherinclude mobile data transfer, for which, naturally, a fee is charged, or set up a connection over Wi-Fi. Of course, you can find the device via Wi-Fi only in the coverage area of ​​one access point. For example, you will be able to "ring" the device, which was lost at home, even if it turned on quiet mode.

Search for an Android smartphone with a browser

Android: Remote control with a browser

How do I go to the page through the browserremote management? You must go to the main page on Google Play, and then do so. Click on the "Settings" tab located in the upper right corner. Select the appropriate menu item, namely "Android Remote Management". Now you can see your gadget on the map.

Remote control of your computer with an Android smartphone or tablet

Other possibilities

You can remotely managecomputer with Android. There is an application such as Splashtop 2 - Remote Desktop for Android, which is a very convenient and useful program with which you can configure remote access to your PC. Now it does not matter where you are, since you can manage your computer from any place using Android, which is very convenient. This allows you to always be able to access your important data on your hard drive, even if you are away from it. You can play the entertainment content that is available on your computer, if you so desire. Through the phone or tablet you can even play any games that are installed on your home appliance.

Program installation

To begin, you must download the specified program,namely the version for "Android". After that, you need to start the application, and then register in it with a new account, that is, enter your email address and password. To enter the PC using "Android", you need to download and install Splashtop Streamer on your computer. When you do everything, you can start it, maintain a mail address and password. Now you have full control over your computer from the tablet or smartphone. At the same time, it is worthwhile to understand that the presence of a connection to the Internet for both devices is a prerequisite.

It is difficult to overestimate the convenience of work with such features available from the Android OS. Remote control in the modern world may be needed often enough to access the computer from anywhere.

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