Game STALKER Lost Alpha: passing, caches, passwords and secrets. STALKER Lost Alpha: the passage of X1

Today we will talk about the game STALKER Lost Alpha, the passage of which is further presented in all the details. We will consider the sequence of the development of the plot, as well as the fulfillment of the basic tasks.


stalker lost alpha
Passage of the game STALKER Lost Alpha begins onlong familiar to every fan of the original version of the site. The protagonist awakes from a dream in the room of the bunker Sidorovich. We go up and talk with the merchant. He gives us the first task. We are asked to find an artifact. We leave the bunker and take it to the left. At the same time we look at the mini-map, where the mark of the location of the necessary object is indicated. In the grass, the artifact is poorly visible, but the signals of the detector can help in this. After receiving the required item, Sidorovich gives us several questions. We execute them and go to the next location.

Location Agroprom

stalker lost alpha passage x 18
In the game STALKER Lost Alpha the passage continuescoming to the dump. We respond to the familiar call of Bes. We help stalker Yurik. After supporting all those in need go to the hangar to meet with the Gray. From the conversation with him it becomes clear that we have to go to the Agroprom. We go to the location and without delay we help the stalker Mole. Still non-standard in the game STALKER Lost Alpha passing! Caches are a phenomenon that we are going to meet at the next stage. And so we save Mole. In gratitude he talks about the cache of Strelka. Also, the Mole describes in detail the location of the notes. We get down down. We begin the search. We find a shelter, as well as notes. We leave to search for a hiding place. It is located in the corresponding passage between the corridors.

The Dark Valley

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In the game STALKER Lost AlphaContinues visiting the location Bar. To get into it, we move along the road to the barrier. We pass it and turn left. Further we move along the road directly. We pass the checkpoint. We go to the barman. We give him the documents that were found on the Agroprom. We meet with friend Petrenko. You can find it in the Bar. We go to the Dark Valley. We leave for the farm. The first thing you need to do after moving to the location, find a stalker, nicknamed the Demon. From the conversation it becomes clear that we need to go to the factory, which is the base of the bandits. The demon sets out the plan. We begin to embody it. We proceed to find the entrance to the factory. It is located in a hollow in the bushes behind the enterprise. This place is constantly dragging its existence poltergeists. We find three corpses of bandits. We take a suit from one and put it on.

Base of Borovo

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In the game STALKER Lost Alpha the passage continuesThe dark dell. We get to this place under a hail of bullets. We are moving towards the railway tunnel. We move, while on the wall to the left there will be no break. We pass into it and get to a place called Shakhty. We move forward as far as the stop. Turn left and lose consciousness after receiving a blow to the head. When we come to, we see the leader of the Sin group before us. The head is Veles. We peacefully talk and get a new task related to finding documents that are on the territory of the Borovo base. We return to the surface. We are heading to Borov's base. You can use the machine. The base will not do without surprises. The head of the bandits will want to play with us in the "Guess". And the price of loss is our life. The correct answer is number 4. We get the code to the safe and take the documents. Bandits instantly harden, and we will have to shoot to get out of the base. After a complete victory over the enemy will receive a new message from the PDA.

Level 18

stalker lost alpha dungeon walkthrough
Next we have to visit the laboratory in the gameSTALKER Lost Alpha. Passage X-18 begins with the descent into the basement of the corresponding administrative building. To gain access to this level, we will use the code that was obtained from Petrenko. The combination of the door we need is 5271. We go down to the laboratory. Next, we make a search in the security room. In the table we find the first documents. In the same room we see a computer. It requires a code that will come to our disposal later. Next, we leave the room, and our eyes are opened perfectly by the developers STALKER Lost Alpha laboratory X18.

The passage continues with the search for documents number2. To get them, turn left. We move straight towards the door. We get down down. We see the table. Above him there is a regiment, on which we find the papers we need. We take the documents. We find and overcome burer. Petrenko needs to bring his hand. We leave for the room with elevators. We go to the right shaft. We rise on it. Thus we reach the open door. Through it we penetrate into the territory of the secret room.

A lot of dangers are hidden in the laboratory inSTALKER Lost Alpha. The passage of the X-18 continues with an unexpected encounter with the corpse, which we find behind a special installation. We take away from the deceased PDA. It displays the code 9231, ideally suited to the computer, located next to the desk. Documents 3 are also located here. Now we leave for the room above the meeting place with the burer. You can get into it through a hole that appeared in the floor. Look for documents number 4. Next, go to the basement. We are looking for a table in a special room. It contains document number 5.

Location Rostock

stalker lost alpha x18 lab
Meet with the head of the Debt.Get the task to destroy the surviving mutants. For this purpose we go into the tunnel. We take an old gas mask from the ecologist. We are moving to the factory. There we search for 3 PDAs and kill 4 bloodsuckers. We go to the construction site. There we find the first pair of PDAs. To find the third device, we need a previously obtained gas mask. The fact is that near the building, as well as inside the premises, a toxic gas is spreading at the entrance. We leave for the second floor, we search for the PDA. We will find the blood-sucker at the factory entrance.


We leave for the bar. We go to Petrenko.After that, we approach the barman. Then we return to Petrenko. We get the key to the laboratory X14. Again we get to the factory. We leave for the transition leading to the laboratory. We appear in the corridor, similar to the one located in Sarcophagus. We move along the corridor. We look for the code door. Specify the combination. We pass. We go on the right corridor. We find the second door. We pass by using the same code. We fall into the laboratory. We find the PDA and documents on the table. They need to be delivered to Veles. He will report that we will be contacted by secret traders in the Dead City. Next, we need to get out of the mines. At this time the message will come. Its author is Professor Sakharov. He has something to do with us.

Large bogs

We leave for the professor at Yantar.We get the task to search for special documents that are held by mercenaries, which are located in the territory of the Dead City. We take the task. We reach the city. We follow to the school. We pass to the head of mercenaries. During the conversation, he suddenly recognizes the shooter. We are taken prisoner. We lose all our equipment and weapons.

The next necessary location is Bigswamps. Here you should be ready to meet with military helicopters. They will start shooting at us. We hide in the reeds. We are waiting for the military to fly away. We go to the doctor. It turns out that our character is the Shooter. Therefore, we should find the Ghost. To do this, go to the army warehouses. The ghost should be sought in the village of bloodsuckers. We are on our way to the east. It is there that we find the bunker we need with the Ghost. He asks us to pick up an artifact stolen by mercenaries.

We go to the village. We prevail over the mercenaries.We understand that they have collided with another of their detachment, so the artifact is not here. We go towards the escort. After all the adversities, one should go to Yantar. Here we give the professor an artifact and the necessary fees. We are waiting for him to complete the repair of the PDA. At this time we are talking with Kruglov. We take away the PDA. A message arrives. It follows that it is necessary to urgently go to Petrenko.

In the Bar at this time, fighting continues.We look for Petrenko. We are coping with the task of liquidating helicopters. We rise to the roof of the building where the arena is located. We search for the killed soldier, armed with a grenade launcher. We hit two helicopters. Further we go to Petrenko. We learn that it is necessary to go to the vicinity of Pripyat after Barmen and Voronin. We reach the basement of the department store. Look for the newly created bar. We should complete all the tasks, alternately visiting Amber, Cement Plant, Laboratory X16, Radar, X-10. Get to the X7.

STALKER Lost Alpha: X7 - the passage

This point is in the vicinity of Pripyat.After reaching there, go to the bar. We talk with the bartender. We approach Voronin. We learn that it is necessary to disable the old military development. The machine to be deactivated is located in the X7 laboratory. It is a bunker under a dam. We pass to it. We go straight. At the same time, a green hologram will follow us continuously. Before the stairs 1 turn to the left corridor. We pass to the wall. We turn to the right. As a result, we reach the door with an inscription warning of a low ceiling.

Dungeons of Pripyat

We need to go through a lot of difficulties,until finally you can find in STALKER Lost Alpha dungeon Pripyat. The passage of this stage begins with our entry into the hospital. We meet there with a guide. Then he accompanies us to the entrance to the dungeons. Then we go ourselves. We appear in the tunnel. We rise along the long ladder on the left upward. We go straight. Then turn left until you see Kamaz in front.

STALKER Lost Alpha: the passage. Pripyat

stalker lost alpha
We have to use a specialtransition. Passage of Pripyat - one of the most difficult stages - is on the turn. We receive a message requesting assistance to the military in the battle with the monoliths. Destroy the enemy. We learn about an urgent meeting with Vasiliev. We go to him on the second floor to school. We receive thanks from Vasiliev and a request for help with measurements. We follow to ecologists. Next, you need to complete the task at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The next destination is Sarcophagus. Next, we perform the task associated with the generators, and we get to the X2 laboratory. This is the last milestone to be overcome in the game. This level is similar to X18, but with slight differences. We are waiting for the opening of the door to the stairs. Then we go further, we find the control panel of the emergency generator. However, it does not work. We need to fill the generator. We search for fuel. We go to the installation. We point the cursor at the pipe. There is an inscription. We press the button "Execute". A little waiting. We proceed further and turn on the generator. A job appears to disable the lock.

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