How to read other people's messages "VKontakte": secrets

So, today we will talk with you about howread other people's messages "VKonakte." The thing is that sometimes it is necessary to do it. Nevertheless, it should be understood that this venture is a violation of human rights for personal correspondence. If you are not frightened by this concept, then let us try to sort it out with you as soon as possible.

how to read someone else's messages vkontakte

"Honest Way"

Well, if you are thinking about how to read other people'smessage "VKontakte", then you can try to make it the most honest method. From you only need to find out the user's login and password, and then log in for it from your computer.

In fact, this method is the mostsuitable. So if you want to know how to read other people's messages "VKontakte" that your friend or girlfriend sends out, then try some method of "pulling" out of your friend the data to enter the social network.

However, if you can do this, you shouldto worry about authorization with the help of anonymizer. This is a specialized service that hides your ip-address. If this is not done, then the user can easily calculate you. Do you want it? Of course not! Unfortunately, this method does not always work. So let's see how to read other people's messages "VKontakte" by other methods.

how to read someone else's messages vkontakte

The last Hero

So, the option of recognizing the password and username is notapproached. But do not despair - you can try other ways. In general, there are several. We will start with the most interesting and cunning. True, it extends to those who live near you. In particular, on friends and relatives.

If you think how to read other people's messages"VKontakte" from a person with whom you are in a close relationship, then you can try the following method. It's enough just to come to visit and, for example, offer to watch a movie. Most of the films are now watching computers. Then we need to get our victim to leave their rooms for a while. And we at this moment will climb through the browser to the page users (usually both login and password are saved in the program automatically) and see everything that only interests us. That's how you can answer the question: "How to read other people's messages" VKontakte "? True, this method does not always work, it requires you to be witty, as well as agility and resourcefulness.If you are caught reading other people's messages, it's unlikely that you" pat on the head. "So, let's try to look at ways that are less dangerous for us, they are. And in large quantities." How do you read other people's messages "VKontakte" and stay unnoticed? Now we'll see.


Well, there is another interesting method,which is sure to interest all those who only thought about reading the messages of strangers. This is the so-called spy "VKontakte". Foreign messages will be displayed in it immediately after installation on the computer. Let's try to figure out how this "thing" works.

viewing someone else's messages vkontakte

As a rule, this softwareis installed on your computer with antivirus shutdown. After that you will need to log in to it and specify the user's page where you need to "download" messages. As a rule, problems do not arise with the task set. So reading someone else's messages "VKontakte" can be quite simple.

But do not rejoice ahead of time. Typically, under the guise of such spies are the most common viruses. They can simply break your own account. However, the consequences of using this kind of content, we'll talk with you later. And now let's return to our topic.


Frankly, you have so important to view other people's messages, "VKontakte", then you can fully use the various services that offer this service. As a rule, it is paid.

You will need to register, and thencontact the "owner" of the site. He will tell you the price of the service and will discuss the terms of the messages. After you make the payment, you will be given either a password from the account of the person whose conversations you are interested in, or will systematically start sending all the data that the user sends / receives to the social network. Pretty handy. Although not particularly reliable.

spy vkontakte other people's posts

The thing is that often this serviceadvertise the most real scammers. They receive a fee from the user, and then disappear from sight. They just evaporate. So you stay without information, and without money. But do not despair. You can try another option.

That writes

And here is another interesting way. True, it means only that you can read everything that only your friend writes, that is, what key combinations he presses on the computer while working.

In order to implement this venture, wea so-called keylogger will be needed. Any one will do. Install it to the victim on the computer, and then configure the sending of data to your email. So you can quickly find out what and where the user types, and (if lucky) passwords from social networks and other accounts. So you can understand how to read other people's messages "VKontakte."


Naturally, no hacking is not in vain. Everyone who has fought for someone else's messages can expect a very serious punishment. The first is the loss of confidence of your friend, if he finds you reading. The second problem is wasted money.

reading someone else's messages vkontakte

As already mentioned, quite often theburglary are the most common scam. You just pay people, but they will hide. Not a very pleasant outcome. But there is one more reason why spyware and services should beware. It's a virus infection on your computer. It can be very difficult to delete them.

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