How to limit children's access to the Internet on a computer, smartphone or tablet?

Almost every child between the ages of seven andfourteen years is a device that allows you to freely "travel" on the World Wide Web. And the first contact with the laptop they have at an early age.

Parents understand that the Internet is not onlyway to quickly get the information you need or the ability to communicate with people on another continent. The network is full of content that does not fit the child. But how to limit children's access to the Internet so that they can continue to study? There are several ways to block unwanted content on different devices.

How to limit children's access to the Internet?

To begin with, parents need to understand whatis the essence of the parental restriction of access to the Internet and applications. This measure of protection is the control of the impact of the network and the personal computer on the child. Parental control is activated either by using the software built into the operating system, or by using third-party applications.

how to limit children access to the Internet

To understand how to limit children's access to the Internet, it is necessary to understand the types of parental control. Restriction of access can be divided into two main subspecies:

  • Active parental control.
  • Passive parental control.

Active control is the totaltracking all actions of the child. The software sends the parent a list of sites that the child visited. Also, an adult can enter a ban on downloading sites containing unwanted content.

Passive parental control allows you to enterLimiting the time of use of a personal computer or smartphone. Also, the parent can prohibit downloading, installing, or running certain applications, for example, games. Children can be granted access only to a certain list of sites and so on. Understand how to limit children's access to the Internet, simply. Special skills or knowledge is required. The menu of specialized applications is intuitive.

Parental control on a computer or laptop

Many parents are wondering how to restrict the child's access to the computer. Setup in the Windows operating system does not take much time.

how to restrict access to the Internet for the child android

First you need to go the following way: "Start" - "Options" - "Accounts" - "Family". Next, you will create a new profile by clicking on the "Add a family member" button. Then the system will prompt "Add a child account". After entering the master data, you must specify the age of the child. If you set a date according to which it will be less than eight years, then the operating system will automatically set the maximum level of security.

Parental control in action

After the parental control of the questions aboutHow to restrict a child access to the Internet does not arise. Windows automatically blocks unwanted content. But parents themselves can make some changes.

For example, a parent can set a timer. After setting the exact operating time of the device, adults can be sure that the child does not sit around for games all day. Parental control allows you to block certain applications. Also, the program allows you to track how much time the child spent on specific applications.

how to limit the child access to the Internet

In addition, weekly the parent will receive full information about the activity of the child who used this device.

Setting up Internet access restriction on a smartphone or tablet

There are several options for how to restrict access toInternet to the child. "Android" devices allow not only to use the built-in functions, but also to download a special children's launcher from the Play Store.

"PlayPad Children's Launcher" after a simple installationAllow parents to strictly limit the list of applications that are launched. Also, the program will ensure that the child does not wander into online stores and do not make purchases. In addition, the exit from the "children's regime" will be available only to parents.

how to restrict access to the computer for the child

Launcher gives parents the ability to manage the device remotely, assign restrictions on the time of use of the gadget, and help track the location of the child.

In devices running on the basis of "Android"version 5.0 and below, the "Attach to the screen" function is built in, which allows you to restrict access to one fixed program. In order to configure this function, you need to go to "Settings" - "Security" - "Attach to the screen". In the window that opens, you must select one of the proposed programs and fix it. The child will not be able to exit the application without the permission of the parent.

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