How to include the deer in the World of Tanks?

World of Tanks is a game that continuesto impress gamers around the world for several years. For the first time in the history of gaming, a full-fledged tank simulator has appeared, which accurately conveys the realism of these combat vehicles and fights between them, and also allows you to play on the network against other gamers. This project was not yet, so it is understandable why he received such publicity and earned unprecedented popularity. The game itself is simply gorgeous, but you can do it yourself better - for this, there are modifications. Naturally, they do not affect the gameplay itself, because otherwise it would be dishonest in relation to other players. They only affect how the game is displayed by you. An excellent example is the XVM mode, which allows you to activate advanced statistics on battles, see the chances of winning, to observe the full information about your opponents, and also many other functions that you can choose yourself. There remains one question that many newcomers are interested in: "How to include a deer (so called XVM mods are experienced players)?"

Fashion site

how to turn on a deer

In most cases, modifications forcomputer games are an archive that needs to be extracted into the game folder, after which the appearance of the project or its capabilities will change in one way or another. However, if we are talking about how to include a deer, then this method does not work. The fact is that the XVM mod must be activated on a special site, which is created exclusively for this purpose. On the site itself you can see the dynamic statistics of the players who use this mod - it is really impressive, and you are unlikely to have any doubts as to whether you should even know how to turn on the deer. Questions can still arise regarding whether you should trust this resource, but you can see for yourself that it has already been checked by more than one million users.

Authorization on the site


If you are interested, why can arisequestions on trust, the answer is very simple: to activate the service you will need a login and password from your account in the game itself. Naturally, everyone here can be wary, but as it was said before, the XVM fashion site is the official partner of the game itself, and you are not asked to enter your data simply on an external resource - after you decide to log in here, you redirect to the WoT website page , which was created specifically for authorization through third-party resources. You do not know how to turn on the deer yet, but now you have information about how to access the site of this modification. Accordingly, you are one step closer to the cherished goal. The most popular is the deer from Jov, but do not rely solely on it - you can choose the functions you need and work on the config, but more on that later.

Activating services

olenemer for world of tanks

So, now you have been authorized and are inpersonal cabinet on the site of fashion XVM. What now? How to activate the deer for World of Tanks? This can be done quite simply - you just need to click on the "Activate Services" button. Buttons are not so much there, so you will not have any problems with searches. After that, the page will reboot and you will know that the mod is activated. But here you should pay attention to the fact that the page has a counter that starts counting down from two weeks, that is, from 14 days. What is this counter? Is it possible to activate the deer only for two weeks?

Activation renewal

activate the deer

There are several in-game reasons forwhich you are given the opportunity to use the reindeer only for fourteen days. In fact, you do not really need to know any of them, since it will not affect you at all. It is important for you to know that the use of the XVM mod is absolutely free and unlimited, so that no one will force you to pay anything when the counter reaches zero. But still what to do when this moment comes? Everything is much simpler than you might think - you will have a button that will allow you to extend the time of using the modification. If you click on it, when the counter reaches zero, it will update, and you will again have two weeks to calmly and freely use all the benefits of the deer.

Enable required services

It would seem that it's time to play, but you goin the game, and nothing changes, although you activated the mod on your account, and the countdown has already gone and has still not exactly reached the zero mark. You hurried - do not go into the game immediately after the activated services. The fact is that by default all the services available in the modification are set to "off", that is, the mod works, but it does not change anything in the game. To fix this, you need to click on the "Settings" button in your personal cabinet and already there yourself to note what you would like to use.

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