How to create a disk image

In this article, we'll show you how to create a disk image. Many computer users now and then need to get an exact copy of the CD.

create a disk image
Some want to replenish the home collection of gooddistributions, while rationally using free disk space on the media; others - get rid of the noisy compact in the drive; but a third wish to create a disk image for later posting on the Web (for example, on a torrent tracker). In addition, in this way, you can independently compose a full-fledged CD, including an autorun file and a shell with applications. Will only give it to people.

How do I create a disk image? This task is solved with the help of special software. Immediately warn some initiative users: simply copying the contents of the disk to a folder on the hard drive may not lead to the desired results.

program to burn an image to disk
With such a transfer, the correspondence between the paths specified in the shell to the files and their actual arrangement is violated.

One of the most well-known programs of thisDirectivity is Ultra ISO from EZB Systems. Using it, you can make an ISO image in just a few minutes (depending on the speed of the drive). First you need to download the distribution and install it in the system. After startup, the main window appears. Here you should open the menu item "File" and select "New". In the drop-down list it is necessary to specify the desired type - simple, downloadable or UDF. This is for data. Here you can choose Video DVD or such exotic as XBOX disc. Next, to create a disk image, you need to specify the size of the resulting image. To do this, just click on the percent sign and click on the desired amount. Obviously, it's pointless to create an ISO file of 4.7 GB for subsequent recording on a simple CD with its modest 700 MB.

Now we need to form the structure of the futureimage. To do this, in the right upper window, use Drag & Drop to drag and drop files and folders from the open side of the explorer. By the way, you can use the built-in solution in the bottom window - who is more comfortable. In this case, you need to monitor the fill indicator - the total amount of files should be less than the one selected earlier.

It remains to open the "File" menu again and select "Save as ...". Specifying the path and name, you can take a freshly-collected image file.

do iso image
Sometimes you might need a program to writeimage to disk. With this task, the above-mentioned application - Ultra ISO. First, open the image by following the path "File - Open", and then press F7. Another way is to follow the "Tools - Burn CD image". In the window that appears, select the recording speed, mode and target device.

The creators of this wonderful programtook care of the convenience of users and duplicated some of the main functions by placing icons in the header of the main window to quickly call the necessary procedures. So, to start recording, you can simply click on the image of a CD burned with fire.

It's that simple. And the last thing you should pay attention to: it is recommended to use the latest version, because it fixed bugs and added new features.

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