Disable Windows 10 Tracking: Instructions, Tips

If someone naively believes that shadowing everyoneand everywhere stopped even then, after the exposures of Mr. Snowden, he is cruelly mistaken. Moreover, these processes are even more deeply embedded in our lives, violating the completely legitimate right to confidentiality.

disable tracking windows 10

It is no secret to anybody that the company"Microsoft" monitors all and records our personal private data. How it happens, and how to disable shadowing in Windows 10, consider in the article.

Microsoft Scale

Americans believe that exposure is not so muchcaused damage to national security, how many threaten to damage the economy of the whole country. Many representatives of public organizations and ordinary citizens insist that Microsoft make efforts to "improve" the situation. And it's not without reason: voices are heard more and more loudly, indicating that this company is constantly and continuously monitoring users through its product.

how to disable shadowing in windows 10

Naturally, such events affect notonly the territory of the United States of America. They apply to the whole world and all people. In addition, there is considerable likelihood that, if necessary, the third party concerned can access any person's personal information. And this means that personal correspondence, financial transactions, enterprise activity and so on cease to be confidential actions and operations, as at any moment they can become accessible to certain interested structures.

Naturally, the company is completely deniedaccusations against them, arguing that they would not have committed such "economic suicide." However, there is no evidence against the charges brought against the company.

When everyone learned about shadowing

In 2007 there was a scandal when millionsusers have learned that Microsoft really follows its users. This was discovered when it was found that even if the user entered a ban on any updates, the system files continued the process.

Why do companies need this? We will reject the excuse of identical answers to all questions about the existence of a terrorist threat and the need to protect our citizens in this way. True interests have always been and continue to be in the sphere of money and power. And now it does not seem completely paranoid and abnormal version that all of a sudden the Internet will be disconnected in an instant on request from the top.

configure windows 10 disable tracking

User information is sent to filesWashington regularly. And it is not necessary that this is done with the highest quality software. Data can be sent from a hard drive, video card and so on, that is, from a conventional device located on your computer. Microsoft even admitted that they maintain communications with servers on an ongoing basis.

This happens and will occur

On Windows Vista, the changes were fixeda number of files. Then it was discovered on the XP version. Do not forget that updates occur even when the WU function is disabled. And this is done without any notifications, which until recently seemed completely unheard of. However, now this takes place everywhere.

Vindous 10

Now it's time and Windows 10. Tracking the user here is by default, the program is simply "sewn" into the system. Therefore, to him who has established himself, there is nothing to worry about. It's too late to change anything. On the official Windows website, explain the purpose of such a service in that it collects information about problems in the system. That's it - dry, short and irresponsible.

Product description between lines

Before disabling the tracking of Windows 10, let us turn to its description, from which we can draw the following conclusions.

  • At a time when the user installs and uses the program, Microsoft collects data about it, namely its name, different addresses, interests, search queries, and communication.
  • When using a voice command, the organization representatives say they will collect data to improve the quality of service.
  • When a file is opened, its name and the program through which it is done are fixed.
  • When typing text, shadowing can intercept it and send it to the same Microsoft.
  • When using the technology of local networks "Vindous 10" we are trying to help update to this version.

how to remove shadowing in windows 10

Already want to quickly disable Windows tracking10? Of course, all the information, product description and so on are served under the "sauce" of taking care of users and improving the service. But more and more people are trying to disable the tracking of Windows 10, despite the promised high-quality services. How can this be done?

How to disable shadowing in Windows 10

Before you start to change and deleteservice, you must first create a point for system recovery. Some computers may have network type failures, which can lead to problems with access to the network. If this happens, then, by creating a point, you can easily restore the system to its level.

Next, you need to press the Windows key and enter the services. After that, start the system services console and find the system you are looking for.

To disable the tracking of Windows 10, thisclick the right mouse button. A special window will be called. It has a Windows 10 configuration. Disabling tracking is very simple. You must select the startup type "Disabled" and then the "Stop" state. In the end, apply "OK".

user tracking

But is this enough to make sure thatdid the action actually take place? Setting up Windows 10 can disable tracking, but it's best to see this with additional tools. To do this, open the command console. On behalf of the administrator, it pops up by pressing Win + cmd. Inside, you need to write the following command: sc delete diagtrack.

If the operation you performed is completedvictory, then the command line you will see the word "success". Now you can be congratulated, because you managed to remove the shadowing in Windows 10. But this does not mean that you should relax and completely forget about this global problem. It is better to be on the alert. After all, further "surprises" from Microsoft are almost inevitable.

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