The best strategies from around the world

Surely, many of us dreamed of becoming greatcommanders and conquer, at least, at least a couple of countries. But to do this in real life is unlikely to work. If you find yourself a huge army, then the war will end very quickly. A couple of pressed buttons, and nuclear bombs, stored in the leading countries, will destroy all life on planet Earth.

best strategies

And who among us did not dream of buildingown city, and the country, the whole world or the universe? Unfortunately, in real life it is almost impossible. But this ability is given to us by the best strategies that the person has come up with.

The very first of them appeared long beforecomputers. Chess and checkers are the best strategies to this day. They develop logic, ingenuity and thinking. In fact, playing the strategy is not only interesting, but also useful.

If we talk about computer games, then theyare divided into different styles and genres. You can feel yourself in the role of commander. It is possible to build your own city and create an army. But not all strategies are like that. There are, for example, games in which you need to create your own film company, make films, develop a film crew and so on.

In addition, strategies are divided according to what is happeningevents. There are those that occur in real time (clicked the button, and the action happened), but there are turn-based, where you can go only after your turn is made by another player.

best turn-based strategies

In general, the concept of "best strategies" is quitecontroversial. Everything depends on the tastes and preferences of people. Nevertheless, for many years Starcraft and Total War have been recognized as the best. The first is the favorite RTS (real-time strategy) of millions of players around the world, starting from the nineties. But the series of Total War games has the title "Best turn-based strategy".

Games on the computer, as a rule, are largemoney. Well, only if you do not like to download from torrents. If you are one of those who are against illegal software, then specifically for you were invented browser strategies.

Surely for many of you this genre does not require presentation. But still. This is practically the usual strategy, only free. The only thing you can do is buy real resources for real money.

The best browser strategies are those that do not needdonat (investment of real funds). But, as a rule, there are very few such games, because everyone wants to fuck with this benefit. Sometimes it turns out that paid game will cost you much cheaper than "free".

The essence is the same as in computer strategies, only now you are playing and competing with real people. Join alliances, make wars and aspire up in the list of the best players.

best browser strategies

Recently, all these games ported to phones and tablets. This means that access to your favorite entertainment will always be at hand. If only the battery worked more than you play.

You learned a little about the best strategies thatwere invented to date. To play in them will not be difficult, because they are all made for ordinary people and are freely available on the Internet. Now you have to decide what to play. Think about what time is closer to you: past, present or future. And finally: play with your friends - it's more fun!

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